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Crystal Reports - code keystrokes into a barcode

I'm building a barcoded Sales Order form (Dynamics GP Packing Slip) using Crystal Reports. It will be used as a proof of delivery and will be returned to us and used to complete the transaction through invoicing. Much of the data is already barcoded allowing the order processors to quickly scan and open transactions and move through many of the data entry steps in GP. I've recorded macros to expedite the process for the employees processing the paperwork but to further simplify, i'd like to include my macro button combinations in another barcode.

How can i tell crystal reports to consider a combination of keys like "CTRL" + "F2" as having been depressed?
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Thanks for your quick reply. I think you're right. I've been looking into it for a while and have been unable to find clear direction to my goal. This post to the resident experts was kind of a hail-mary.

I'll just leave it as is. Basically all i was trying to do was save the order processing people the step of putting down the scanner and hitting a key combo on their keyboard. I know it's just a minor inconvenience to them and no one complains about the current process but i try to optimize repetitive steps as much as possible for my users.

No worries. I'll call this one closed. Thanks again for your time.
very timely reply.
I'm a knucklehead. I can tackle this through the scanner, enabling it to interpret a designated character as keyboard input of any of the function keys. I can just map my macros to, say, F7 in Dynamics and then tell the scanner to recognize a specific character as a command to the computer to press the F7 key. Then all i have to do is barcode whatever 'that character key' is.

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