Which "users" is required a CAL on Small Business Server?

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This sounds like a question with an obvious answer, but in fact even Microsoft can give me a straight answer!

How do you determin if a user requires a Client Access Licensense on a Microsoft SBS2008?

I have 5 users, Bob, Joe, Tom, Louis and Jane.
Each is physical accounts and require a CAL, so far I understand.

What if I need to create a new, seperate user called SALE but I require this to be a physical account, that my 5 users can access like their own account.
Does SALE require a CAL????

(Microsoft answer: YES, NO and MAYBE)
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Yes, Sale is a seperate user, regardsless of who uses it, it's a user and therefore requires a User CAL.
If you have 5 PC's though, and you installed it as DEVICE cals, and ONLY those 5 PC's are ever used, then 5 Device CALs should be sufficient.

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Murali ReddyExchange ExpertCommented:
Any user created and getting authenticated with its own credentials (enabled), requires a CAL.  Otherwise, If is a common mailbox, like a shared mailbox type (account disabled), do not require a CAL.
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
I would say no to this...

The User CAL is based on a Physical Human accessing the server.  As there isn't an additional human accessing the server then there should be no additional user CAL.

You are correct when saying that Microsoft are very unspecific about their licencing models. You won't find a definitive written answer from Microsoft on this question online.  A lot of it is open to our interpretation. If you want a definitive answer, contact Microsoft licencing support and confirm it with them.

P.S. if the account is only being created for emails then I suggest looking at a Shared Mailbox instead.
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David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
Licensing Disclaimer
License information provided here is "best efforts".  The comments of the respondents are based on interpretation of the license agreements and their knowledge of the particular laws and regulations in their geographic location.  Laws in your location may invalidate certain aspects of the license and/or licenses can change.  "They told me on Experts-Exchange" will not be a valid excuse in an audit.  You need to contact the license granting authority to confirm any advice offered here.
Cris HannaCommented:
Giving you the best advice would require more information about the "user" sale. Why would these 5 people need to log off their own account and log on as "sale"?  What can they do under that logon that they can't do under their own.  But simply taking the scenario at face value, I disagree with David and believe as the others that you would need a CAL for that access, but with more information we may find differently.
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
Have a read of the following which supports my comment:


And this for more info:

Ultimately I still think you need to confirm with MS directly but my understanding is that you licence the person, not the Active Directory account.
OhmitAuthor Commented:
Thank you guys
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