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scanner won't connect

I have a Panasonic KV S2026c scanner.  I turned off my computer and unplugged the scanner to move to another office.  When I turned on the computer and plugged back in the scanner the scanner will not work.  It says that I need a WIA driver to use this device.  Computer will not recognize the scanner anymore.  I downloaded what I thought was the right driver but it says that I already have a more updated driver on my computer.  Any ideas?
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How is it connected?  If USB, did you plug it into the same USB port?  If on the network, did the IP address change?  

Might it have been damaged in the move?
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It was plugged into usb.  Not sure what port it was plugged into.  There are 4 on the back.  Try a different cable?
Try different ports AND try a different cable. Get a new cable and then try the ports.
There is red light on the scanner
It would appear that possibly the scanner was damaged in the move. If all you did was move (and not change) the computer, then this seems the most likely cause at this point.
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Our messages crossed — I was typing mine while John and you were going back and forth. Anyway, what red light is on?
The read light that is on says ready/error.  I don't think this is a driver problem.  Seems like the scanner is messed up.
What I do not understand here is the statement "I moved the computer". If all you did was turn it on (shut down normally), move and restart, then software and drivers would not change.  Does this make sense to you?  So then the scanner seems to be the issue.
OK, that 's the LED light that indicates the status of the scanner. According to the Operating Instructions manual, it means that "An error occurred" and it says to "Check the status of the scanner using the User utility. The User utility is included in the CD-ROM."

However, instead of the CD-ROM, I recommend downloading the User Utility from the Panasonic site, which usually has a more recent version than the media. The download site for the User Utility is here:

The actual link for the utility is:

Let us know what that reports. Regards, Joe
When I open the utility it says scanner is not connected.  It is connected because it shows up in devices and printers and it is not grayed out.  I can look at the properties.
When I open the utility it says scanner is not connected.  It is connected ...

So then when you moved the scanner, something got bumped or loosened and it is confused inside.

1. Does the scanner work on another computer?
2. Does a USB device work in the USB port you are using on this computer?
By any chance did you reconnect it to a USB3 port? I know the theory is that USB3 is backward compatible with USB2, but where the rubber meets the road, I've seen numerous instances of a USB2 device (which your scanner is) not working in a USB3 port.
How can I tell if it is 3.0 or 2.0
It WAS working. Just try a different USB port to see.
I did that twice already
OK. Thanks.

So now it all worked.  Then you moved it and it does not work. USB ports on the computer and the computer software are exceedingly unlikely to have changed because you turned the computer off (which you have done before) and then moved it and turned it on.

Try a different scanner and likely all will be good.
> How can I tell if it is 3.0 or 2.0

USB3 is usually marked SS and the inside of the port is usually blue.

Let's go back to a few of my earlier questions:

What software are you scanning with?

Is that software configured to scan via ISIS or TWAIN?

What version of Windows, including bit level?

Did you download the right driver (from the link shown above)?

And let's go back to two of John's excellent questions:

Does the same scanner work on a different computer?

Does a different scanner work on the same computer?

One other thought: maybe a power surge damaged the scanner and/or USB port when you plugged it back in.
What kind of "move" was this, and did you lock the scanning head?

Most scanners have some kind of switch to lock the scanning head during transport. If you carry the scanner by hand to another location, that should not matter but any major bump may cause the head to jump to an unexpected position, from which it cannot recover on power-up.

If you did lock the head for the move, did you unlock it again at the new location? It definitely will not work if the switch is in the shipping position.