implement the routine of resetting the Patients files

I need to  implement the routine of resetting the Patients files. This is the 3rd part of a question I started last week. I need to reset all patients files so we can use them for the next month. I would also like to move a copy of all files from the last month in to a finished folder with the year and month as the name of that folder. We need to records of all files that we worked on. Is this possible.
Thank you.

This is the link to Part 2 of the question

This is the link to part 1 of the question
jodyreidIT ManagerAsked:
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I would also like to move a copy of all files from the last month in to a finished folder with the year and month as the name of that folder.

What files you need a copy of ? the main patient files prior to resetting or the ones that we created in the Export folder ?
jodyreidIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Yes the main patient files before resetting them.
Together with the file MonthEnd ? or no need ?
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jodyreidIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Yes if possible. Thanks
btw did u proceeded in converting your xlsm to xlsx and removing code and buttons from patients files ?
ok here is your solution

This version of the workbook will do the following:

Upon Activating the red button it will prompt you to select the last day of the month you wish to archive. Simply put the last day of that month you can exit anytime by selecting cancel or no depending on the question.

Once the day selected it will show a message box saying that it will archive all the patients files in a specific folder (it is in the Main folder a subfolder with yyyymm of the day you selected if you select 5/31/2015 then it will be 201505 for Aril it will be 201504 etc. ..

Once you say ok then the routine will save all the files in the Main folder to this new folder then proceed to reset the patients files only. (It will not save the Main macro file that you are running but any other older version will be archived)

PLs check it and let me know
jodyreidIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
This works great. Just what I wanted. Can we open a 4th part to this question or am I asking too much. I would like to have the final part process the end of month file. It clears out the "0" in the sheet and then exports the remaining data to a text file. I can start this question if you have the time to help with it. Thank you. It will save me so much time at end of moth. Thank you again
Your welcome and glad I could help. For sure you can ask as many questions as you wish it is my pleasure to be able to help. Please feel free to go as wide as you want it is always a challenge for me. I have some project with members here that went as far as 60 questions.

Pls don't forget to have the question clear as to what you need to achieve and post a link in here if you need my help.


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jodyreidIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for all your help. Here is the link to the final part of this question. Hope you can help with it.
Thank you again.
jodyreidIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much for all your help with this. It works great.
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