Still having serial connection issues

What could this be? I swapped the whole router. Still seems like we're having issues. Before the outage, the interface counters were clear. After the router came back up I had whole bunch of CRC errors, interface resets, unknown protocol drops.
When I called ISP they always tell me that there is nothing causing this on their end. I am starting to think that it might be an issue between my router and the circuit box on the wall. I swapped the cable but still nothing. ISP is constantly blaming that its a config issue on the router. Any ideas? I have a very simple config. VPN tunnel, NAT, and thats all
Shark AttackNetwork adminAsked:
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Shark AttackNetwork adminAuthor Commented:
could this be caused by a VPN tunnel? I dont see how though?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Can you connect directly to the ISP circuit with a computer and does that work?  

It would seem that a replacement router would work if compatible with the ISP.

A VPN tunnel cannot cause connection issues in my experience.
Shark AttackNetwork adminAuthor Commented:
it a t1 circuit would it would anyways if i connect a laptop directly?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You would need a T1 modem to connect via a computer. I did not know it was a T1 until your later post.

Was the first router working?  Is the router compatible (WAN side) with a T1 connection?
Shark AttackNetwork adminAuthor Commented:
yes, it was working yesterday
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I would be inclined to go back to the ISP and escalate. I have replaced routers before (not T1) and a good router always works. So if your router ONE was working and then quit and now router TWO does not work (same issue), then it is like the ISP. Since they say NO, you need to escalate.

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Shark AttackNetwork adminAuthor Commented:
what is my clock rate here ?

Router#show controll s0/0/0
Interface Serial0/0/0
Hardware is GT96K with Integrated FT1 CSU/DSU module
idb at 0x4686E2E8, driver data structure at 0x46875B04
wic_info 0x46876130
Physical Port 1, SCC Num 1
MPSC Registers:
MMCR_L=0x00030440, MMCR_H=0x00000000, MPCR=0x00000100
CHR1=0x00FE007E, CHR2=0x00000000, CHR3=0x0000064A, CHR4=0x00000000
CHR5=0x00000000, CHR6=0x00000000, CHR7=0x00000000, CHR8=0x00000000
CHR9=0x00000000, CHR10=0x0000000B
SDMA Registers:
SDC=0x00002201, SDCM=0x00000000
CRDP=0x0F6F5040, CTDP=0x0F6F5840, FTDB=0x0F6F5840
Main Routing Register=0x77777707 BRG Conf Register=0x00480000
Rx Clk Routing Register=0x00000080 Tx Clk Routing Register=0x00000090
GPP Registers:
Conf=0x50055600, Io=0x50055600, Data=0xFFFFFBFF, Level=0x00000000
TDM FPGA Registers:
vmcr[0] = 0x00010040, vmcr[1] = 0x00000000,
vmcr[2] = 0x00000000, vmcr[3] = 0x00000000
ntrcr0 = 0x00000000, ntrcr1 = 0x00000000
tdmcr = 0x0000006A, labcr = 0x00000000, tpllr_cr = 0x00000000
nhr = 0x66666664, isr = 0x0000FFFF, imr = 0x00000000
148342 input aborts on receiving flag sequence
0 throttles, 0 enables
70831 overruns
0 transmitter underruns
0 transmitter CTS losts
2046935 rxintr, 2107415 txintr, 2 rxerr, 0 txerr
3893211 mpsc_rx, 2 mpsc_rxerr, 139295 mpsc_rlsc, 312880 mpsc_rhnt, 3659293 mpsc_rfsc
130 mpsc_rcsc, 2 mpsc_rovr, 0 mpsc_rcdl, 0 mpsc_rckg, 0 mpsc_bper
0 mpsc_txerr, 545142 mpsc_teidl, 0 mpsc_tudr, 0 mpsc_tctsl, 0 mpsc_tckg
0 sdma_rx_sf, 0 sdma_rx_mfl, 70831 sdma_rx_or, 148342 sdma_rx_abr, 28362 sdma_rx_no
0 sdma_rx_de, 0 sdma_rx_cdl, 55768 sdma_rx_ce, 0 sdma_tx_rl, 0 sdma_tx_ur, 0 sdma_tx_ctsl
2 sdma_rx_reserr, 0 sdma_tx_reserr
0 rx_bogus_pkts, rx_bogus_flag FALSE
0 sdma_tx_ur_processed

tx_limited = 1(2), errata19 count1 - 0, count2 - 0

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I can't tell from your log what the clock rate is, but since it was working, the clock rate should not make a difference unless the ISP changed something.
Shark AttackNetwork adminAuthor Commented:
ISP finally decided to swap some repeater out after 2 weeks of blame game, all working now.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@Zack Gil  - Good news and thank you. Happy to help.

ISP finally decided to swap some repeater out after 2 weeks of blame game  <-- Years ago my ISP (still my ISP) said "your problem" until they changed out their gateway and all started working again.
Shark AttackNetwork adminAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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