Cisco Call Manager Publisher web interface and services

we have an older Linux call manager that is slated for replacement, but currently the publisher is every few days stopping the directory lookup, web administration, and various services. I am able to reboot the device via SSH, and all is well again for a couple of days. then in approx. 2 days, the web interface stops and a day later the directory lookups on the phones stop. looks like the existing common and swap directories are at over 90% full and the processes and threads are too high. Disable the SFTP backup?

Via web:

Host Name ***-PUB
Date Wed Jun 17, 2015 08:50:17
Time Zone America/Los_Angeles
Locale English (United States)
Product Version
Platform Version

Uptime 08:50:20,    up  0 day(s), 17:37,    0 users,    load average: 00.40, 00.55, 00.60  

CPU Idle: 76.77% System: 06.57% User: 07.58%
IOWAIT: 07.58% IRQ: 00.00% Soft: 01.52% Intr/sec: 218.18

Memory Total: 2053816K
Free: 23052K
Used: 2025324K
Cached: 505040K
Shared: 0K
Buffers: 83916K

Disk Total  Free  Used  
active 12457408K 1013212K 11317636K 90%
inactive 12457424K 1121096K 11209768K 89%
logging 43340336K 17339908K 23798864K 54%

Via ssh:
ost Name    : ***-PUB
Date         : Wed Jun 17, 2015 08:53:27
Time Zone    : America/Los_Angeles
Locale       : en_US.UTF-8
Product Ver  :
Platform Ver :

 08:53:28  up 17:40,  1 user,  load average: 0.57, 0.58, 0.63

CPU Idle:  93.00%  System:  00.00%    User:  04.50%
  IOWAIT:  02.50%     IRQ:  00.00%    Soft:  00.00%   Intr/sec: 114.00

Memory Total:        2053816K
        Free:          24348K
        Used:        2029468K
      Cached:         498296K
      Shared:              0K
     Buffers:          81692K

                        Total            Free            Used
Disk/active         12457408K        1013208K       11317640K (92%)
Disk/inactive       12457424K        1121096K       11209768K (91%)
Disk/logging        43340336K       17338340K       23800432K (58%)

rom Wed Jun 17 02:15:50 PDT 2015 to Wed Jun 17 02:17:20 PDT 2015 on node,
 there are 1 TotalProcessesAndThreadsExceededThresholdStart alarm(s) and 0 TotalProcessesAndThreadsExceededThresholdEnd alarm(s) received.
 On Wed Jun 17 02:17:11 PDT 2015, the last TotalProcessesAndThreadsExceededThreshold alarm generated:
NumberOfProcesses : 743
NumberOfThreads : 1261
Reason : Total processes and threads have exceeded the maximum tasks [2000]
ProcessWithMostInstances : Process [] has instances [118]
ProcessWithMostThreads : Process [ccm] has Thread Count [48]
AppID : Cisco RIS Data Collector
ClusterID : StandAloneCluster
NodeID : ***-PUB
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José MéndezCommented:
Use RTMT to delete traces of all sorts to liberate disk space.
Use RTMT to find the process consuming the most memory.
Run this CLI command to check on core dumps

utils core list
ramseyjackAuthor Commented:
patched to a higher version resolved the issue.

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ramseyjackAuthor Commented:
no reasonable answers
José MéndezCommented:
You have no idea what was happening with your system, which is why you asked in the first place, yet you categorize the help provided as unreasonable? May want to reconsider how you regard other users
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