how do you people handle in high pressure job when going sleepless

examples: doctor had 3 or 4 surgeries.. he wants to crash, but here is an emergency..
soldier just had a late night crash, but he is woken up that enemy is near and they have to be on the go.. and he slept only 2 hours..

what is the secret that these people have to be able to endure.. just coffee or more than that? it is unthinkable and we never hear of soldier dozing off due to tiredness or doctor dozing off during surgery etc.

~I can understand this if the job is to play computer games 18 hours a day :)
then maybe one will never be tired!!??
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Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2ndCommented:
A book I read a long time ago suggested that soldiers on duty slept whenever they could  even for a few minutes at a time, but we're always ready to be wide awake as soon as it was necessary.
Doctors are a little different. I suppose what keeps them going is the thought that they are saving lives, and the money. Saving a life must be a pretty good motivator.
Also - sleeping on the job does happen - but it's not generally made public.  If you were a hospital would you want to advertise you worked your surgeons to the point they injured someone?  Same with the military.

And, even if they do manage to stay awake, there is a quality of work issue when performing exhausted.

We like to think the people who have lives in their hands are invincible but it's not true.  They stumble, they fail and they need to sleep just like the rest of us.

This isn't to say success can't happen after many hours on duty without rest.  Students cram for 36 hours straight to prepare for a test and then ace it.

Gamers play for ridiculous numbers of hours and set new personal records.

Doctors perform successful, complicated surgeries when they should be in bed.

And soldiers manage to stay on duty, alert and ready even when tired.

Humans can push themselves when they want/need to.  There is a limit though and nobody can do it forever.

This topic has been researched and reported on.

This naval paper reports on a collection of other studies and papers on the topic.
All the activities which require long time to be awake are possible usually with a lot of adrenaline and only for limited time by pushing the body beyond the normal limits.
This is not possible for a long time or as a routine daily activity.
I like how somebody said it once:
"The sleep is an institution from which you can not steal."
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caffeine in coffee or energy drinks can help temporarily
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Being X-infantry the rule is eat/sleep while you can as you never know when you will get the next chance.,  And I have seen trees move.. due to micro-sleeps.  I also have slept for 24 hours straight.  While you are concentrating and keeping the mind active time goes by very quickly.. I would guess it depends upon your levels of concentration.
Greyhound bus drivers and airline pilots are high stress and questionable sleep. Some long distance bus driver's arrive at one station from a trip, sleep in a back room and ready to leave on the next long leg. Lack of sleep creates stress. So, if your job is already stressful you have to manage the two.

There are wellness management programs as well as stress reduction programs.

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25112Author Commented:
wow,,thx experts.
Don't lose sleep or be stressful when you visit Asia....(ha ha)
25112Author Commented:
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