How to upgrade my SonicWall 2040 router to SonicWall 2600?

I have a SonicWALL 2040 router which is out of support and is having problems (keeps losing connections), so now I am replacing it with the SonicWall NSA 2600, and I have never done a SonicWALL upgrade before, is there anything that I need to do other than the exporting the router configuration file?

If so could someone please point out the steps I need to take to successfully retire the 2040.
(Step-by-step would be great).

Thanks in advance!
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CervisTECHAuthor Commented:
The document doesn't go into the steps to replacing the router or the steps I need to take. I am not an expert on SonicWall routers and I have to replace a SonicWALL 2040 router with a NSA 2600 and I am not sure if the only thing I have to do is import the configuration file. It seems like I have to do more steps if so I need to know what those steps are.

Thanks in advance.
The fist thing you have to do is connect the new Sonicwall to the internet and register it at If you want to check for updates this is the time to do it, and download and install any available.

Then I would export the config from the old device and import it into the new one. This may or may not work 100%. You are doing this while the old one is still in service, so you are not disturbing anything, or under the gun.

Once you have imported the config to the new device then compare all the setting on the new with the old, screen by screen, and add anything that is missing.

If all is good at this point then swap in the new Sonciwall. Be aware that you may need to power off/on things like switches, router, modems etc, that is anything which might rememb the MAC address of the old device. After you swap in the new Sonicwall (power off), then power cycle anything else that needs it and turn on the Sonicwall. First thing to test is if you are getting out to the internet.

If you have any specific questions, please post.

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