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SBS 2008 - No Internet

Hi Guys

I have an issue with an SBS 2008 server that cannot browse the web. The connection is fine as the router is online and I was able to browse websites via my laptop however when I connect the server I am unable to ping or browse any sites. I have tried the usual "connect to internet" & "fix my network" wizards however they both report the error that an internet connection was not found.

Any ideas as I’m running out of options and all PC's on the network are also experiencing the same issue
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Bryant Schaper
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have you verified all your IP and DNS settings
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Nothing has changed on that front as it was working previously however my client advised it was intermittent. They could be working and then all of a sudden loose connectivity
if it is sudden impact, how about a flakey router/switch or circuit?
It sounds like a DNS Issue.

Can you ping from the server to confirm internet access?

Can you access the internet on one of the workstations if you change the DNS to the router?

If you log into your router does it say you have internet access? Does it have a ping diagnostic utility? If so can you ping google?

Check the firmware on the router if you haven't done already.  If there is a later version then upgrade. Have a replacement router on standby just incase..  Restart the network switch  if you haven't already.

If the above fails can you give us an ipconfig /all from the server.
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what ip is the router?  Was it mapping to itself?  Normally I put the router at .1
It sounds as though the routers IP address was the same as the servers.  Can you confirm the router IP?

Since you've changed the IP Address of the server I suggest running the Fix My Network wizard as well.
Router is .5 guys...
Resolved issue ourself