How to assign permanent IP address to network printer? (Netgear R7000 Router / Samsung printer)

Eric Bourland
Eric Bourland used Ask the Experts™
* Netgear R7000 Router w/ latest firmware
* Windows 8.1

Hi friends. I have a Samsung laser printer connected to my R7000 router with a network cable. I would like to permanently assign IP address to the laser printer. I've been looking around for methods to do this, but am getting confused.

The Samsung printer shows as an attached device in the R7000 dashboard.

Does anyone have a tried and true procedure to assign a permanent IP address to my Samsung printer?

Thank you as always for your help.

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you have 2 ways of doing this. go into the priners web interface, then go to network config and set ip from bootp/DHCP to manual/static and fill in your desired IP, netmask, DNS and gateway.


2. in the router go to the DHCP config and see if it supports a MAC - IP assignment, if yes then you can assign IP via DHCP to your printer and the router will recognize the device by its MAC and always assign the same IP.


andreas -- making progress on this! Thank you for the quick reply. I'll have an update tomorrow. Take care.

Try static IP mapping (map Ethernet address to IP address in DHCP server configuration).
It is sometimes called DHCP reservations.


Friends, I think it is working. I used andreas's first method; I logged in to the printer's web interface and manually assigned an IP address to the printer. Like so:

Assign IPv4 Address:    Manually
IPv4 Address:
Subnet Mask:
Gateway Address:
Domain Name:    Not Configured
Primary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server: Not Configured
Dynamic DNS Registration: Enabled

These settings seem to work!

Vivigatt, thank you for your reply, too. I will look for static IP mapping, for my own information and as a method to keep in mind for later use.



Thank you very much, andreas!

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