ThinApp IE - hide ThinDirect and countdown not being consistent

We implemented IE9 via ThinApp 5 and have everything pointed to it via ThinDirect. I have a user who is testing it and they are not getting a countdown, nor is the old window closing for them when it opens the IE9 ThinApp.

So two part question. I think that the ideal situation is to get rid of the countdown window completely and just open the IE9 ThinApp so that the browser transition is transparent to the user. If it's *NOT* possible to do that, I'd like to make sure it always presents a countdown and closes the old browser window.

How is this possible?
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FirstcomAuthor Commented:
To clarify, when some users click on a shortcut, it shows the countdown and closes the old window. When others click on a shortcut, it shows the window but doesn't present the countdown or close the old window.
Apologies... I have been out of pocket for a bit on projects.

I think there were some ThinDirect fixes in ThinApp 5.1.1 which you will want to test first.

If I recall they were not related to IE9 specifically but it is worth a try to update to 5.1.1 first to test.
FirstcomAuthor Commented:
I've already upgraded to 5.1.13, but I did not re-package or re-build anything.

Would I need to start the install and build from scratch, or just run build.bat for IE?
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FirstcomAuthor Commented:
Also, it doesn't look like any of the fixes relate to IE9 or the symptoms that I am seeing.

Is there a way to "hide" the ThinDirect/IE session that tells you it's opening a ThinApp redirection altogether, and just have it open the ThinApp so that everything is transparent to the user?
It is possible you might need to recapture...depending upon the updates within ThinApp.  But for now just rebuild (BUILD.BAT in the project) or relink (RELINK.EXE) the package with the latest code.

RELINK.EXE info - VMware ThinApp relink command to update the ThinApp runtime of a virtual application (2030593)

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FirstcomAuthor Commented:
FYI, I am still in the process of having the impacted users test this to see if the countdown comes up.

Is there a way to avoid the ThinDirect window at all? Or to tell Horizon to always load the ThinApp'ed browser directly rather than having a "transition browser"? I think this would be the ideal situation.
FirstcomAuthor Commented:
Some new info..

When a different user signs into the same machine, the count down doesn’t show on the transitional browser window, the transitional browser window doesn’t even close, and Java doesn’t work.

The VDI VM PC accounts are all located in a “VDI Training Room” OU. User accounts, however, are stored under the OU of the department that the employee works for.

To me, this suggests group policy in some way. I moved my user account in AD to a different department’s OU (from IT to Human Resources) and sure enough, I didn’t get the count down and Java didn’t work – the same issue they’re seeing.

I’ve tinkered with some settings and I’m pretty lost on how to get this to work. Any advice?
FirstcomAuthor Commented:
We decided to go ahead and make IE10 native, but I'd like to give credit for your response.
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