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Excel 2010 v 2013 - Paste functions

Excel 2010
Excel 2013

In 2010 when I copy a series of cells that contain numbers in one worksheet, and then Paste (using Ctrl+V or right mouse click and Paste) the number values are pasted into the second worksheet.

In 2013 when I copy a series of cells that contain numbers in one worksheet and then Paste (using Ctrl+V or right mouse click and Paste) the cells in the second worksheet are filled with zeroes.  To paste the actual numbers I have to right click and choose Paste Values.

Is there a setting in the Options that will make 2013 work like 2010, or was that a change made by MS and we have to live with it.
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Kanti Prasad


It appears Excel 2013 has the paste  options  viewable.

If you go to File, Options, Advanced settings go to cut copy and paste section and see that show paste options is clicked.
Then when you paste you will get the options to select values, formulas etc
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It seems neither of you read the description of my issue.  I know how to Paste.  I know what the Paste options are.  The issue is:

In 2010 the program defaulted to Pasted Values.  In 2013 it does not.  Can 2013 be changed?
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I don't think you can change the default paste action. I find right clicking on the destination cell and choosing Paste values simple enough. Alternatively you can add a Button the Quick Access ToolBar.

Right Click on the Ribbon and choose Customize Quick Access Toolbar
Choose Commands not on Ribbon
Scroll down and find Paste Values, highlight it and click Add
2010 did not default to paste Values unless you were pasting between separate instances of Excel. 2013 behaves the same as 2010 - if you copy between instances, you will get values. The difference is that 2013 looks like it is using separate instances by default when it is in fact not.

Just to be clear, I meant that there appears to be no option to set to copy only values as default as I did not find anything in the advanced setting that you can default it to.  The only option available is to view so that you can select only values to be copied.

Rory Archibald - in 2010 I am copying from one instance to another.  How do I set this in 2013?
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Rory Archibald
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Rory  the Alt+ worked great.  Is there a way to edit the Registry so that it separate instances are always opened?
I don't know, to be honest. (Not something I would ever want)
Very clear and concise