Embed a PDF file into page 2 of a report

I have been asked to create a Job Card (Report) from an existing database - done no trouble. But now they want it to find and display a plan of the location (pdf) on page 2 of the report (must be page 2 because it has to print on the reverse side of a double-sided form). I can programatically work out the location of the plan (P:\CustomerName\JobNum\SitePlan.pdf) easily so all I need to work out is how what object type I need to use and how to set it up so that the pdf will display on page 2 of the report. A complication is that the plan is in A3 and the form it needs to print on is A4 so it needs to be scalable. Is this possible and if so how?
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
In all my time with Access, I have never found an easy way to do this.

You can do it in a form by using a webbrowser control and pointing it to the PDF file.
...but not in a report.

1. You can try using the adobe sdk/vba libraries, ...but documentation may be scarce.

2. You can use a utility to "batch convert" the PDF's to images, ..then the image of the PDF can easily be displayed on the report.

3. Print the form instead of the report. Then, again, you can use a webbrowser control on the form that points to the PDF, then use the Page break control to display the PDF on the second page.  Note the with this technique, ...it may be hard to control how the form Prints.

Let me know...

Rob4077Author Commented:
Hi Jeff, you said "use a utility to "batch convert" the PDF's to images". Where would I find such a batch utility? I may be able to get VBA to initiate the conversion, include the image in the report, then delete the created image.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
There are many, ...you can do a Google search:

The kicker here is that if the PDF's need to be "Updated" regularly, ...then you need to keep converting them as well.

but lets go back a bit.
Conversion is not needed at all, if you tried using a form.
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Rob4077Author Commented:
Hi Jeffrey, Sorry I missed your last comment until now. So are you suggesting that I convert my report to a form, then use a webbrowser control on the form that points to the PDF, then use the Page break control to display the PDF on the second page? Doing it that way, means I only lose the CanGrow Can Shrink functionality - makes sense. And a web browser control will display a PDF I assume? I will give it a go.
Rob4077Author Commented:
Hi Jeffrey, I created a form, used a webbrowser control and the form displays correctly with the PDF image. Here's the code I used on the draft form to get it to display the PDF on screen perfectly.
Forms![frmJobCard].WebBrowser0.Navigate2 ("P:\Aussie Living\2 Sansimeon Byford\1413146_1100719.pdf")

However when I print or print preview the webcontrol just displays and prints as a frame with nothing in it. How do I get around that?
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
what version of Windows/Office are you running?
Rob4077Author Commented:
Office 2013 (some PCs running 2013 Runtime Office) on Windows 7
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

Sorry, I confused "View" with "Print".
So, again, ...there is no direct way to do this in Access.

You may be able to glean something from the Adobe SDK, about using the Adobe ActiveX control (if you purchase the full version of Adobe)


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Rob4077Author Commented:
Thanks for taking time to try to help. At least I know. Appreciate the effort
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