Outlook 2003 looking different

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My outlook 2003 configuration appears to have changed when sending an email. the layout has changed but I don't know why.
I have lost my 'to' box
I have lost my 'from' box
I have gained the 'conversation' box

can someone advice?

- please see attachment
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H, it appears that you're "posting a conversation" not sending an email. Can you make sure you're in your Inbox before creating the new email? Also, can you walk us through the process you're doing to get to this screen? Perhaps even a screencast (https://www.screencast.com/)

Also, you can try to click the down arrow next to the "New" button on the main Outlook screen and choose "Mail message" to make sure you're creating a new email.

I don't remember Outlook 2003 well after so many years so just guessing what you might be seeing.

Hope this helps
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The title bar says Untitled Discussion so it is not a new email. As noted above, please choose New Email.

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