Internal e-mails not showing email address

Hi Everyone.

I'm managing a hosting Exhcange 2010 environment that has more than one domain, much more.

The issue I'm having is this. Suppose we have to companies A and B, which both happen to be our clients.

If John Doe from Company A would happen to send a mail to Richard Roe from company B, Richard's mail client will display the "From" field as "John Doe" only - without the email Address.

This is a problem because the companies aren't related in any way - they simply sit on the same Exchange server.

Another issue that's caused by this behavior include mails forwarded to external addresses - meaning, supposing John Doe sends a mail to Jane Doe and they are both from the same company - the mail address won't show but that's not really a problem - but if Jane was to forward that mail to a third party - which is not hosted on the same server - the third party would see Jane's mail address but not John's and if they need to answer John's question that might've been redirected through Jane - they won't be able to do so as they don't see his email address.

In short - I need to configure my Ecchange server to show the sender's email address on all mails.
David SankovskySenior SysAdminAsked:
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Amit KumarCommented:
Check one thing are you able to see other domain's contact in GAL, if yes then do one thing segregate both domain's GAL settings, then it may let you see e-mail address of another domain. Else this is sought of impossible as both domains are trusted and working on single Exchange server.
Guy LidbetterCommented:
Have you considered changing the Users Display Name to reflect their email address?

The down side of this is you would literally only see peoples email addresses. However; if you have a single Exchange org running as a resource domain for a number of other domains... this is really your only option as far as I know.

Lets be honest, if you are working in an organisation, you would want to only see useful Display names not email addresses. Otherwise you would have to run multiple DAGs with separate GALS...

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David SankovskySenior SysAdminAuthor Commented:
It appears that it's official - according to MS themselves it's impossible unless I use the email address as the Display Name.
Guy LidbetterCommented:
HUH! So you run to microsoft and didn't trust me?

Lol - just kidding, glad you got an official answer there.
David SankovskySenior SysAdminAuthor Commented:
Actually I asked them about a week before posting the question here.
As you can see, they answer very quickly..
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