SMB transfers causing issues on Server 2012/SQL 2012 cluster

We recently upgraded our web infrastructure to Server 2012, SQL 2012 and Cold Fusion 10. Our old set-up was Server 2008, SQL 2008 and Cold Fusion 10. We have FusionReactor configured so we can actively monitor web requests and SNMP monitoring on everything involved. In our new set-up we introduced a DR environment and set-up log-shipping in SQL which is where we started to see our issue. Log-shipping and simple drag and drop SMB file transfers cause web requests to hang. The users will get page timeouts and we can see queue of web requests in FusionReactor build up. We don't see any resource exhaustion in the SNMP monitoring. If we use FTP rather than SMB the issue doesn't happen. Also, this issue seems to be related to load in some way. During slow times we can complete an SMB transfer with no issue. Any help in troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.
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Mark ElySenior Coldfusion DeveloperCommented:
Are you running SQL and ColdFusion on the same server?  SQL by default will try to use 100% of the CPU and RAM unless configured to do otherwise.  Set some system resource alerts or monitor the RAM, CPU, and NETWORK limits while loading testing.
HumanScaleDevAuthor Commented:
SQL and ColdFusion are on separate boxes. We have alerts monitoring resources on both of them and don't see any issues with available resources. We tested dropping the RAM allocated to SQL but the issue still happened.
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Are you log-shipping to a remote server? How far is the server? You may need a dedicated network only for that.
Mark ElySenior Coldfusion DeveloperCommented:
SMB is a "real" file sharing tool. It supports low-level file locking and sharing management and the network re-director in Windows ensure that the applications are able to interface with the file directly. The disadvantages that this integration brings, however, makes it a poor candidate for file sharing on WAN. First, it relies on a "virtual network" implementation that makes it impossible to limit it's functionality on the TCP/IP level: either you get all of NetBIOS, SMB and CIF or you get nothing. it's also very firewall-unfriendly. It's also more or less limited to the windows platform. That is, if you want to have things such as central security management and object-level security (Samba v3 on Linux should change that when it's out of beta, though). Another problem is that is uses a LOT of short messages which makes it VERY sensible to network latency.

FTP is an old dog that has been patched with a few more fleas with functionalities like SSL and the like (there is three different ways to do secure FTP, none being widely supported except, perhaps, the ugliest of all FTP over SSH). It's main advantage is that since it's so old and universal, you can find FTP servers and clients for virtually all platforms and they should be able to talk to one another without too much difficulty. Security, however, if rather poor in most case, even if you manage not to send the password in clear text. One of the best points of FTP, however, is that it can be extremely fast to transfer large documents (though it's way less efficient with small files).

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