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DNS for GSLB Netscaler

Can anyone please explain the 2 types of DNS configuration available for GSLB of netscalers ?
I have 4 netscalers,  2 in each site with HA and VIP for netscaler Gateway.  I want to set up GSLB for external users but unable to get my head around the DNS bit.  Does anyone have Step by Step procedure of what I need to do on our External DNS Server and on netscalers with regards to DNS ?
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MarkLead Sales Engineer - Public Sector

Have you looked at this tech article?



Did not quite understand this article as it is not saying about DNS configuration.   Any other detailed link with GUI rather than command line ?  What do I need to do on External Dns server and on netscaler to configure DNS ?
Lead Sales Engineer - Public Sector
You're actually better off using articles that focus on CLI as that will be much more consistent from one firmware version to the next. The GUI has been evolving and changing with each major release, and configuration options "move" to different areas. So, a tutorial from one version won't work very well with a different version.

As fas as additional information, I would suggest the first three "additional information" links at the bottom of that article. Two of them are Citrix TV videos that walk you through this more.

In a nutshell, as far as DNS is concerned, you need to designate the NetScalers as authoritative to resolve at least the hostname tied to the vServer you're doing GSLB for. That way, when a client machine makes a query (says "where can I find this host?") the response it gets back will be determined by the NetScalers and the configuration you have set up. You can allow your entire DNS domain to be hosted on the NetScaler, but that may not be necessary.

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