Embed document in Access Form

I have several access databases that open to Forms.  I have word documents for these explaining the procedures.
I would like to embed the procedure document into the DB some how and then add a shortcut or button on the form that would open the procedure word doc.
I don't know how to do this - any ideas???

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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
You can do it, ...but it will tax your system severely.
You could use what is called the "OLE Object" datatype
Using this datatype, the document would always be visible, so there would be no need to click a button to open it.

The other option (if you are using the newer versions of Access) is to use the "attachment" datatype.
Then you could simply click the field and have the option to Open the document.

If it were me, I would take the raw text from the word Docs and insert the text into a field in the database.
(you can use special formatting to make the text look nicer , if you like)
...and not "embed" an entire word doc into the form.
Both of the techniques above (OLE Object and the Attachment datatype) will "bloat" the database, and the increase in size will start to slow down your database.

omgangIT ManagerCommented:
You don't need to embed the document into the database.  You can create a link to the document so that it will open for the user.  Is this a shared application with multiple users?  Can the documents be stored on a network file share that all users will have access to?
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vpopperAuthor Commented:
I accepted this solution - seemed to be the easiest.  I do appreciate all the solutions provided!

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
There is one other option...
You can have a "Link" to the word document on the form.
Store the full path and file name of the word doc to a field in the table.

Then just use code like this on a button to pen the document:

    Application.FollowHyperlink YourFulNameAndPathField

Or use the "Hyperlink" datatype to be able to click the link directly (to open the file)

Using the Hyperlink datatype would probably be best in your situation.
You can view info on this here:

For a button

   Dim oApp As Object
   Set oApp = CreateObject(Class:="Word.Application")
   oApp.Visible = True
   'Open the Document
    oApp.Documents.Open "TheDriveLetter:\ThePath\theFileName.Extension" ' a proper path to the Word document you want opened.

Pretty straight-forward
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