SSRS display percentage

Hi Experts,

 I have a column which showing percentage,

 If it is 89.42, I want it to show +89%
 if it is -5.3, I want it to show -5%

This is the expression I wrote in SSRS


But it returned

 Can you help me on the expression?  Thanks.
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Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Data DudeCommented:
Guessing the SSRS expression might be a bear.  Recommend doing this in the Source SQL object or code and passing it as a varchar, then just let the SSRS report display the varchar.

For example, copy-paste this into your SSRS, execute, play with the @num and @denom numbers to make sure it works correctly, then modify to meet your needs
Declare @num numeric(3,1) = 4, @denom numeric(3,1) = 8

SELECT @num, @denom, 
	WHEN ISNULL(@denom, 0) = 0 THEN CAST('0%' as varchar(10)) 
	WHEN ISNULL(@denom, 0) / ISNULL(@num, 0) > 0  THEN '+' + CAST(CAST(@num / @denom as numeric(3,1)) as varchar(10)) + '%' 
	ELSE CAST(CAST(@num / @denom as numeric(3,1)) as varchar(10)) + '%' END as pct

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tanj1035Author Commented:
Thanks, Jim
If you wish to do it within the ssrs expression, you can create an expression to convert it like below;
Assume your SQL query returns a float value field called perc for the percent value that is either 89.42 or -5.3
(ie SQL;  select 89.42 as perc union select -5.3 as perc)
The expression could be written like so;
this breaks down to if the value is positive, show a plus, otherwise do nothing (as - shows anyway), then add the percentage value as a string doing a rounding on the value, then add the percentage sign.

If you want to get a bit more complex, assume you want to round down to the nearest whole.  When talking about negative numbers, you probably want the opposite, to round up so;
89.43 becomes 89.  
5.3 becomes -5, not -6
In these cases you need to utilise the floor and ceiling math options;
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