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Complex issue Excel

I've made a Excel Workbook with 5 worksheets. It all works but is extremely slow, once you start adding information. I believe the problems might lie on the Counts and Sources pages, where there are numerous SUMPRODUCT formulas.

=SUMPRODUCT(('Monthly Lead Tracker '!A:A=Counts!A3)*('Monthly Lead Tracker '!F:F="DMS"))

If all of these formulas are at issue, is there some way to do the same in VB and if so, please spell it out, I'm not very good with VB. You will have to download the file however to get an idea at all of what's is going on in it.

Thank you
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Does the performance problem persist if you switch the calculation mode to manual before adding your data and formulas?
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@aikimark, I have not tried switching the calculation mode to manual. That would not be something that the users of this template would know how to do, but I will try that as well. I still need to test Saurabh's post as well. It looks good so far, but need to test out more.
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Excellent solution, besides fixing the issue, I've learned another way of doing it. Thank you.
Yw..Always Happy to Help.. :-)

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Quick question of explanation if you would on the formula. What exactly is fm and FM_* standing for?