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Can Oracle Client work with an Oracle 12c Database?

I have a perl script running SQLLoader which was working before the DB upgrade. Yes, I could upgrade the client but that involves more env touching that I want to do at the moment.  Any experience with this issue?

I dont get a .bad file, I dont get and error.. it just doesnt do anything.
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Mohammed Khawaja
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Yes, it will work.  Oracle clients will work with current version as well as with three newer versions and three older versions.  Below is product support matrix link:
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder)

I agree that there should be no reason 11g sqlloader would not connect to a 12c database.

I'm not sure about the hard and fast three versions...

What happens if you run sqlldr from a command prompt?

Maybe Perl is trapping the actual errors.
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Sarah Stephens

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Confirmed my thinking...