I am trying to set up a friends laptop to get into her exchange server and it will not pass setting up of server.

Set her up at work, she has not trouble.  Trouble is only getting to remote server.  Her phone has no trouble getting to remote server, yet same settings in OL13 and the trouble starts.  I use mail from control panel and at check name I get, "

name can't be resolved, The connection to MS Exchange is unavailable.  OL, must be online....."

 If I us IE or Chrome, I get get a certificate warning and when I push past (ignore dire warnings)  I get the red line through the HTTPS, so because it works on phone and 2 browsers, I am pretty sure I have the right credentials, but OL doesn't seem to be able to get to server.

Pat O'BrienPastorAsked:
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If the laptop is running windows 8 or higher you can probably connect to exchange using the native Mail program that comes with the OS since it uses the same activesync style connection that mobile devices do.

You mentioned red lines through the https address when using a browser, which sounds to me like exchange is setup up with self signed or internally signed ssl certificates, which your computer doesn't trust.  You could try importing a copy of the exchange certificate into her Trusted Root Certificate and Trusted Publishers and see if that helps with the Outlook to Exchange handshake.
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
where would I get certificate.... don't usually work with exchange.
I think you can get the certificate(s) from the web browser. When you access the server through the browser, click on the https with the red lines and look for an option to view the certificate. From there, you can go to the Certificate Path tab to see if there are any intermediate certificates involved, and using the copy to file button on the Details tab you should be able to download all the relevant certificates in the certificate chain
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The certificate only helps if the address is correct. If the certificate states. remote.server.local, you will never be able to connect to it, unless you change your PC to have server.local point to the correct IP number. If the certificate is remote.server.com and it is indeed the address you use to connect to it, importing the certificate will help you set up Outlook. The initial setup will fail though, you have to finish the setup with the advanced options, Outlook anywhere/HTTPS connection, follow this guide: https://support.office.com/en-ca/article/Use-Outlook-Anywhere-to-connect-to-your-Exchange-server-without-VPN-ae01c0d6-8587-4055-9bc9-bbd5ca15e817
Help from the IT admin always helps though, to check the certificate, hostnames, remote access/router settings, etc.
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
Ok...that is what I was missing Kimputer, I will try that this afternoon.  I knew something just wasn't right.  I am guessing I have to change the account that works in local network because I can't even establish new connection.  Can you have both, is there any reason, or if you are going to be remote mostly, just use that connection?

Thanks again,

The Outlook anywhere works for inside the LAN, as well as when outside, only if the DNS settings are correct (remote.server.com in the certificate, and remote.server.com connecting to the same server inside as well as outside).
If not, you can just have 2 Outlook profiles, which you choose doing startup of Outlook.
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
I am getting the credentials request from the server, but it is still not letting me in.  It is showing the domain as the user, so I might just delete everything and start over?
Whatever you think works best, usually you can overwrite the username no matter what. Fill it in as
username: domain\user
password: password,obviously
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
The server went down and I am back to the beginning.  So where I am, if I type remote.servername.org into chrome I get the red line through https and the security warning.  If I ignore that and keep going I can get to the web app.  From Control panel, no matter how I enter remote.servername.org (with https or http or standing alone) I get "The name cannot be resolved. The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable.  Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action"

I wish we had a real IT person for this...
I'm assuming you didn't read through the whole page of the link I posted? You are still filling in the server name in the first screen (while the posted link showed you that you should go into the advanced settings).
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
I did read and got creditial request once and now nothing.  same....Our admin took computer for a week and returned it not working.
Possible credentials filled in wrong, but it should display the prompt again after a failure. Remove saved credentials, and start a new profile.
You also never mentioned if you checked the certificate or not, since that answer will tell you if moving forward with Outlook makes sense or not (if the certificate isn't "correct", setting up Outlook makes no sense as you KNOW beforehand it will fail)

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Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
OK...it was when I switched to basic authentication that I was getting request for credentials.  I have tried you combo above for Domain\username and that has not helped.  I think I need to chain our IT guy to a desk and make him fix it.  I really did follow every stop of the link.
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
I deleted all profiles and just did what your link said and have a new error.  OUtlook cannot log on. Verify you are connected to the network and are using the proper server and mailbox name.  the connection to the MSE is unavailable. ....
When i click OK I get the name cannot be resolved.  The action cannot be completed.

Thanks for help!
what did you fill in for the https and msstd field ? (you can anonymise the real address if you wish, try to make it make sense though)
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
remote.servername.org same thing I put into cell phones and same thing I log into OWA with
In that case I still think you have a certificate problem. Did you import it? Did you check yourself the certificate shows the same address EXACTLY?
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
turned out nothing I was going to do would work.  Credentials were wrong and when admin finally checked realized she wasn't set up properly for remote login.  Thanks for help,  Helped me insist that we were doing everything correctly.

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