WatchGuard Setup for CrashPlan

Currently have a WatchGuard Firebox XTM330 and trying to configure for CrashPlan Cloud Service.  We have a Firewall Rule for HTTPS Proxy on Port 443 and a Rule for CrashPlan on 443, but the only way to get CrashPlan to communicate (Backup) on 443 is to Disable the HTTPS-Proxy Rule.   Any Suggestions?

I have attached a Screenshot of the Router Firewall Config table.Scrnshot
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I don't know if you ever got this going or not, but....

First - move to the Windows GUI (WSM) instead of the Web Interface - although the WebUI in 11.10.2 has made some serious improvements, WSM is still so much quicker and easier to use.  I say this because I've been a WatchGuard Gold Partner for 15 years now and WatchGuard is the only firewall product we sell and support, and I use the interfaces on a daily basis across all our managed client sites - WSM is way quicker and easier than the WebUI, and it is what I am referring to in my steps below.  

One you get WSM installed, open Policy Manager and create yourself two new aliases (Setup --> Aliases --> Add).  The first one will be just the IP of your server that needs to connect to Crashplan (I'll use "backupserver" as my alias below).  The second alias should be called "CrashPlan Colos" and have these four subnets (there may be more, but these are the ones I've found so far - piss poor documentation on Crashplan's website so I got these from watching the FSM logs and Googling unknown IPs that my backupserver was trying to talk to):

Next - create a new HTTPS Packet Filter (Edit --> Add Policy --> Packet Filters --> HTTPS --> Add) from alias "backupserver" to alias "CrashPlan Colos".  Do NOT enable IPS or App Control, and make sure you enable logging on the properties tab.

Now create a new custom policy (Edit --> Add Policy --> Custom --> New) called "CrashPlan Ports".  Add the following protocols to it:

TCP : 4243
TCP : 4280
TCP : 4282
TCP : 4285
TCP : 4286
TCP : 1024-14500
TCP : 49000 - 52000

Then add a new policy from "CrashPlan Ports" outbound from "backupserver" to "CrashPlan Colos".  Do NOT enable IPS or App Control, and make sure you enable logging on the properties tab.

Save this config to your XTM, then restart the CrashPlan service.  It should now connect for you.

Good luck!


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Whoops - it appears these are all of Code42's subnet blocks:

Netblock      Description      Num IPs       PSINet, Inc.      256       PSINet, Inc.      256       Code 42 Software      512       Code 42 Software      256       Code 42 Software      256       Code 42      256       Code 42      512       Code 42      256

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Anthony BakkerOwner/OperatorCommented:
Outstanding.!  Resolved my connection issue  Thanks!
Anthony - we found Crashplan (both the application and documentation) to be sh**ty enough that we only allowed it to continue running for a few weeks before we moved to Veeam, HP StoreOnce (replicated to another offsite StoreOnce) and RDX.  Crashplan is something we inherited at a new customer location.
Anthony BakkerOwner/OperatorCommented:
Unfortunately, seems that everyone/small businesses in Miami is El Cheapo.
mitgca you deserve a medal!

We've been down for almost 8 months waiting on Crashplan to tell us what we needed to do to get it back up and running. Got it working again in 5 minutes with your info.

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