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We recently setup an email server to help out a company for hosted email.

everything seems to be setup fine apart from the ability to download the offline address book and set out of office up through outlook 2007

I have read somewhere that I need to add some kind of record to there domain as this is because there domain name is not on the certificate, something to do with Autodiscover.

is this correct and could somebody guide me on what I may need to add
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You need to cover Autodiscover in some way.
Do you have a trusted SSL certificate on the server now? If not, then the easiest way would be to get a UC type certificate which will allow to be one of the additional names.

If you already have a standard SSL certificate then you have two options.
1. Change the certificate for a UC type as above.
2. Use one of the alternative methods for Autodiscover - SRV records or http redirect.
SRV is probably the most reliable after the first option.

You will then need to ensure that all host names within Exchange are configured to use the name on the SSL certificate.


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