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Webdav locks not being respected by native NTFS

We have a webdav folder setup for remote access.  It is secured with SSL and the require lock for writing is set to true.  We  have local users that access the same files via SMB shares.  When a local user opens a file on the share and a webdav user attempts to open the same file they get a warning.  When doing the reverse (Webdav user opens first) the local user does not get a lock warning.  Our current workaround is to have all users map the drive using webdav but this is not a desirable solution.  Am i missing something?

Server 2008 R2
IIS 7.5
Local users mapping with net use p: \\server\share *
Webdav users mapping with net use p: *
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I want it to lock.  The problem is if someone gets to those files using a different protocol like SMB or FTP they can overwrite the file while its technically locked by the webdav client.
If the file is locked by WebDAV client, it will not be able to be overwritten by any protocol, they will receive a message that the files are in use and cannot be overwritten.
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Excel on left was opened locally after opening excel on right remotely.  No warning when opening locally.
You will still be able to open but not write to it, if you write to it, and when you press save, it will give a message that the file is lock.
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