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I can't set a breakpoint ?

I'm running e2 studio version  I used to be able to set breakpoints without any problem.

Today, I can't set a breakpoint.  I double click on a line and nothing happens.

FYI, when e2 studio is closed, there is a process running e2studio.exe *32.
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e2 studio is based on eclipse and a quick search of Google suggests a number of people are having issues setting break points in eclipse. For example:

"Solved by opening debugging configuration and changing process launcher to "Standard create process launcher" after clicking on the button "Select other" at the bottom of the window."

Without wanting to sound like I am teaching you to suck eggs, it might be worth searching google for people who are having problems setting breakpoints in eclipse. Unfortunately, I don't use this IDE (or any, actually - I prefer to code in vim) so I'm afraid I can't offer any more help than that suggestion. Sorry.
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I opened debugging configuration but couldn't find process launcher.
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In my e2studio I cannot put breakpoints anywhere but my application runs fine.
From main menu, I open Window -  Show View  -  Disassembly
When Disassembly window opens, e2 studio stops responding.
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I completely uninstalled and then re-installed e2studio.  Now, it's working great.