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Configure Granular Exchange 2013 Mailbox Permission

I am currently trying to configure granular Exchange 2013 mailbox permissions for a new mailbox I created. I am using Exchange PowerShell to do so. When granting a user ReadPermission via the command Add-MailboxPermission, I am able to see that the user is then given ReadPermission, however, when trying to add the mailbox in Outlook (2010), it is saying that the folder can not be displayed. I can only display/open the folder and subfolders when granting FullAccess.

I would like to assign Read Only permissions to this folder for certain users. I am not sure how to do this since when assigning ReadPermission to the mailbox it does not allow me to even open the mailbox once adding to Outlook.
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Will Szymkowski
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You need to use the -InheritanceType All to push permissions down the preceeding objects.

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I did use the "-InheritanceType All" to push permissions down the preceding objects.

The tried running the command to Remove FullAccess Permission from the Mailbox because when checking permissions using the "Get-MailboxPermission " command I was seeing both ReadPermission and FullAccess permission listed for the current testuser. I removed the FullAccess Permission and confirmed that ReadPermission was still listed.

I am able to add the mailbox in Outlook when the testuser has Read permissions, however, I am getting the below message when clicking on the mailbox or trying to expand it.

"Cannot display the folder. Microsoft Outlook cannot access the specified folder location. The operation failed. An object cannot be found."

It seems that I am only able to see the inbox and subfolders for the mailbox when the user is granted FullAccess Permission.

I would like to have this mailbox accessible for certain users allowing them ReadOnly access for the entire mailbox.
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you can assign mailboxfolderpermission but it is really a pain in the neck.