Unique URL Creation - PHP / Laravel


I am wanting to have users submit an image and some information to my web application and I want the web application to produce a unique URL where that data can be viewed at a later time. The user can share the URL and others can then simply view the images and information that was uploaded / provided by the original user if that makes sense. Something like jsFiddle or Screencast (attached image for context). You can see the unique URL that is generated server side. I am using PHP / Laravel if that helps.

Thanks in advance,

SteveImage of screencast showing unique URL produced
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Ray PaseurCommented:
A unique URL would be available by using this PHP function (and there are others like md5() that can help).

Have you started this project?  Is there any design / code you can share with us?

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SteveP495Author Commented:
Thanks vm for this. Yes, I have started the project but am just front-running future requirenents..
This may be a dumb question but as I will be usinb the same single server, is there any need to use the unique id you have mentioned ?

I mean the url could just be /1 then /2 etc ? Are we saying that there is a risk that two requests could be processed at the exact same tkme ? If that is the case, I am confused as I thought synchronisation was nandled by the MYSQL  database driver ?

Thanks in advance,
Ray PaseurCommented:
If you use an AUTO_INCREMENT key, MySQL will generate a dependably unique integer.  I believe that Laravel's ORM expects tables to have a column named "id" set up as an AUTO_INCREMENT key, so that might work well.  It would be predictable.  That means that if I found a request to return image number 123, I could reasonably assume a similar request could return image 122, or any image that is numbered in a similar pattern.  That might produce a security exposure.  Just a thought.
SteveP495Author Commented:
Thanks for the pointer and consideration.
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