Epson Stylus Photo RX585 always running out of ink

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My printer is always running out of ink, and I am hardly using it. When I pick up the patron that is supposed to be empty and shake it, it sounds like there is plenty in there. I have tried taking the patron out and in again several times, and tried cleaning the gold connector - but it does not help. Also head cleaning no longer helps much, when printing the printer misses lines of ink randomly on the printed document. Head cleaning used to fix this, but not anymore.

Any tips? Just get a new printer? What kind of printer lets me avoid these problems?
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In addition to the Head Cleaning feature, my Epson Stylus Photo R300 also has a Head Alignment function. This has resolved the missing lines issue for me; if your model also has this function, give it a try...
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Also cheap printers have high priced ink in the form of expensive cartridges and little use.

I use an HP 8610 and the double size Black goes about 6 months (with my use) and costs about a penny a page for ink. Higher priced printer, lower cost of operation. Works great.
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This might sound a stupid question but what are you using it for?

The Rx585 is specifically designed as a photo printer/AIO not for black & white work.

The inks for this are in 6 separate 7.4ml cartridges which are blended to make the images.  If you're using it just for black and white text you'll drain the black cartridge fairly quickly.  Ink levels on the RX Series are controlled by the chip on the cartridge and do leave a lot of ink behind & this is a little worse with compatibles.  

If you want to mix standard black and white inkjet printing with occasional color use you should look at the kind of design that John describes with a high capacity option for the separate black cartridge.
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>>  My printer is always running out of ink   <<  is it the software that tells you that? are you using 3rd party cartridges?

i had the same problem - since i seldom print, and had to clean the print heads every time
thus i bought a color laserprinter, and am happy now - no more problems
so my advice = buy a laser printer
B/W comes relatively cheap; color costs more, but both also lasts longer in ink
Photo printing does use lots of ink. In addition, every time you switch on the printer it goes through a head cleaning process, which uses even more ink.

If you're not printing photos regularly, do as nobus suggests and get a laser. It'll save you lots of money. Just remember that no laser prints photos as well as a good inkjet.


Hello. Thank you for all the comments. I use the printer mainly for printing documents once in a while. Sometimes I have printed with colours, sometimes black and white. I do not print very often. I have used it to print photo's on photo paper earlier, but that seldom happens. Also I expect it to use a lot of ink when I do that.

I probably will try to go for a black and white laser printer that is not the cheapest one, for lowering operational costs.

Yes, i use 3rd party cardridges from and it is the software on the printer that informs me when ink is low or needs to be changed.

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