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My Macbook Pro hangs and freeze screen.  I was hoping that it is an antivirus that I can remove.  I have Norton for Mac on my computer.  I know that I have to maybe check my RAM also.  Now, I have run the Antivirus several times and it continues to freeze where I am not able to click on the screen.  Can someone help me determine what is going on? I cannot find my restore disc.  I have never had this problem until I upgrade my operating system to Yosemite.
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Boot holding down command-r. Pull down the Utilities menu to Disk Utility and run Repair Disk.
assaultkittyAuthor Commented:
No change.  It froze immediately upon restarting.  I have Norton Antivirus.  It has not helped.  What do you thin is going?
Get rid of Norton and try another antivirus.  It's possible that Norton is causing the problem.  

Try the SMC reset and PRAM reset too.  You generally try these along with the Disk Repair.

SMC reset:
turn off your computer
plug in power
hold the left shift, left control, left option keys and press and hold the power button for at least 15 seconds

PRAM reset
during bootup
Hold command option p r

If Repair Disk doesn't work, you can try to recover the OS.  Boot into Recovery Mode with command r and reinstall the OS.  This should fully replace your OS files without deleting your software or data.  You should still do a backup of you files as a precaution.

Scanning for viruses on a Mac won't really help you fix anything.  Don't waste time running it for that.  It's not Windows.

Some background on AV for Mac OS X.
Antivirus on a Mac still mainly scans for Windows viruses.  They do cover some cross site scripting issues that affects everyone, but the vast majority of viruses and attacks are for Windows.  If you don't ever share files with windows users, you can continue to run your mac without an antivirus for a little while longer, but, very soon, the scanners will need to actually scan for Mac vulnerabilities.  There's been a handful of attacks on a Mac so far that have all been taken down relatively quickly.  These days it's not viruses that are worrysome.  It's trojans and ransomware.  The criminals generally don't write viruses as you've been accustomed to in the past.  They try not to slow down your system, because they want you to not notice it until it's too late.  You'll only have problems because they've messed up their programming or a script kiddie ran the wrong tool for your system and by some unlucky chance it was able to partially run and freeze your system.

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Activity Monitor can be use to monitor and diagnose a slow Mac
Uninstall Norton and any other antivirus software.

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You probably have an incompatible login item.
Safe boot while holding down the shift key.

If it boots, pull down the Apple menu to System Preferences and choose Users and Groups

Click on Log-on Items. Highlight each login item in turn and hit the minus button at the nootom left of the window to delete each login item

Once you have deleted all he login items, restart.
assaultkittyAuthor Commented:
I got rid of the Norton Antivirus. I did the repairs.  I did not do a restore.  I have gone with the ProtectMAC as advised by another expert. I do not like AVAST or AVG.  

My computer seems to be running better.  I will keep you informed if I have any problems in the future.

I checked the Activity Monitor on this MACbook.  I was happy to know that I do not have to replace the HDD.

Thanks so much Experts.  

You'll eventually need an antivirus, even if you don't share files with Windows users.  If you do share with Windows users, you really should still use an Antivirus to prevent the spread of viruses to them.

I'm currently using ESET.  It's actually a good one to try, if you're willing to spend money.  It does slow down the system a little, but it's not obvious nor intrusive as Norton is.  You'd have to be running heavy builds or compiles to notice that there's a slowdown.  Even then, you'd only notice that whatever you're running is taking much longer than usual to finish rather than that the interface is unresponsive.  Norton's will throttle your interface even if you're not doing much on the desktop.
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