HP 17-f061US (i3 processor) VS Dell Inspiron 15-3543 (i5 processor)

Hi, I purchased a HP 17-f061US HP laptop several months ago, I got it at my local staples store and after rebates I got it for a very low price (arround $350 usd). Today they are selling the laptop for $579. Here is a link to it http://www.staples.com/HP-Pavilion-17-3-Inch-Laptop-17-f061US-/product_1065196#/desc_content 

The size is perfect but it has two major issues, the first issue is I still cant get used of the mouse pad (there is no right left click buttons, if you want to right click you have to put your 2 fingers together and tap the pad). The other issue is with speed.

I thought an i3 processor would be ok because I dont use heavy programs very often however I notice when I have lots of tabs open on the web browser (which is pretty often) and if I am also running a light program as well, it often freezes up a bit. It always recovers but its annoyingly slow.

I was in my local staples the other day and they have an open box dell laptop on sale, the model is dell inspiron 15-3543 with a  intel i5 processor. The open box model is $479. I was wondering if this would be a good upgrade compared to the hp? I can not find a link on staples to show the specs but I found the specs here:


Or would I be better off waiting till next month when windows 10 is out- maybe they will have lots of the other laptops on sale (such as the display models that have windows 8.1 still installed). Any suggestions are appreciated!
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Kanti PrasadCommented:
Core i5-4570T has 3.6Ghz  processor frequency and i3 does not have any Turbo Boost

i5 uses less RAM and Cache for date used over and over again so i5 (4mb\6mb) will be lot faster to i3 (3MB\4MB) and i7 has (6mb\8mb)

i3 has hyper threading which is nearly the same with i5 but i7 has a quad cores and hyper threading

Hence if you don't do too many things at the same time or just use it to check emails, do some banking, read the news, and download a bit of music then i3 will be enough or else i5 or even i7 would be much better.

 Windows 10 over 8.1 will have some enhanced features and some resolved bugs which you may not even need those new features if you dont do any techinical stuff. So  having win 10 is just a choice over its lower version.

Hence if the price diff is not too look for i7 and if you have the same price between i3 and i5 then go for i5.

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Kanti PrasadCommented:
To get used of the mouse pad :
You can buy a mouse seperately and use it instead of using the touch pad
Do you have a square pad and then below it two rectangle  buttons? The left side rectangle button will help you to focus \ highlight \ mark the area where you moved your mouse so that you can start typing, The right side rectangle button will help you copy paste undo so instead of bubble clicking the square pad try this you can get used to it.

 issue is with speed: Do you have antivirus on your system? If there is any virus then this will also slow your system. try this download and run it to remove any antivirus

Here are some free antivirus you can download and install one of them
The processor for the HP you have scored 2700 CPU Passmarks.  That is kind of on the low end by today's standards, but what I think you should be more concerned with is the amount of memory installed, especially if the main issue is that it slows down when you have a lot of windows open.

Go to Start-> Right Click on "Computer" -> Select Properties, and it should say in the "Installed RAM" listing.  If this is 4 GB or less, then I would consider upgrading the memory first as that should be most helpful (I think you can max it at 8, which is good by today's standards).  If it is greater than 4, then you will want to upgrade to the Dell as its processor scored 3521 CPU Passmarks and that is noticeably better.  But of couse, make sure it comes with 8 GB RAM.

Regarding the mouse pad, it sounds like they're trying to reach the Apple laptop market.  If you don't like it, then you'll have to either purchase a mouse or go with a new computer all together.

You can always wait for the next best thing but Windows 10 is a free upgrade to existing Windows 8 users.
actually, the Dell has got only 4 GB ram, while the HP has 6 GB
the HP has a 5400 RPM drive, which accounts for a great deal for the "slowness" - dell does not tell what rpm it is.....
i would buy an SSD of 160 -250 GB and install the OS on that
you'll have a very fast laptop then

**i did this with old HP DV7 and DV5 laptops- and right now a Sony VGN-FZ38m - these are old XP laptops with max 4 GB Ram, the people enjoy it still !!
hydrive1902Author Commented:
thanks everyone
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