VB.net Getting data from a typed dataset that has been compiled as a dll

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I have a piece of work coming up tomorrow where I have been told I will have to get data from a typed
data set that has been compiled as a dll

What exactly is a typed dataset as opposed to just a dataset

Does compiling the dataset  as a dll mean that I will be able to reference the dll in my project and access the data through this source?
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Typed Dataset is a strong typed custom class . A typed class assumes all of the functionality of the DataSet class and it is bound with the database tables at design time, thus you have all the schema information at design time in your code.
E,g Get rows of Employee table
ds.EmployeeTable.Rows  'Typed DS contains the actual table a s a property no need of using tables property.
ds.Tables["Employee"].Rows 'Normal DS

Yes, you just need an instance of the typed dataset and connect it to your data access to fill up the data. An example can be found here
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