How do I assign a background colour to closest items (by selector) based on a certain element's background colour?

This is my HTML code:

Note: this is just for the example, but every span.cmsms_post_format_img has a different bg assigened automatically.

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<div class="cmsms_slider_post_cont">

    <span class="cmsms_post_format_img  cmsms_theme_icon_desktop">
    	<abbr title="07/06/2015" class="published cmsms_slider_post_date"><span class="cmsms_day">07</span><span class="cmsms_mon">giu</span></abbr><abbr title="21/06/2015" class="dn date updated">21/06/2015</abbr>
	<figure class="cmsms_img_rollover_wrap preloader"><img height="490" width="820" title="Evento Polisportiva Stella" alt="Evento Polisportiva Stella" class="full-width wp-post-image" src="">
    	<div class="cmsms_img_rollover">
        	<a class="cmsms_open_post_link" title="Evento Polisportiva Stella" href=""></a>
    <div class="cmsms_slider_post_cont_wrap cmsms_post_format_img">
    	<header class="cmsms_slider_post_header entry-header">
        	<h4 class="cmsms_slider_post_title entry-title">
            	<a href="">Evento Polisportiva Stella</a>
        <div class="cmsms_slider_post_cont_info entry-meta">
        	<span class="cmsms_slider_post_category">In
            	<a rel="category tag" href="">Galleria Eventi</a>
        <footer class="cmsms_slider_post_footer entry-meta">
        	<div class="cmsms_slider_post_meta_info">
            	<a class="cmsmsLike cmsms_theme_icon_heart" id="cmsmsLike-3035" onclick="cmsmsLike(3035); return false;" href="#"><span>0</span></a>
                <a title="Commentare Evento Polisportiva Stella" href="" class="cmsms_slider_post_comments cmsms_theme_icon_comment">0</a>

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This type of code repeats itself several times one after the other (on the basis of the number of items in my slider).

So if I have 5 items in the slider, I will have this code repeat 5 times, and each time the span.cmsms_post_format_img will have a different background colour.

For each span.cmsms_post_format_img I would like to get the background color value and apply the same to the immediately following:
- div.cmsms_slider_post_cont_wrap header
- div.cmsms_slider_post_cont_wrap footer

How could I achieve this using jQuery?

I tried using the following code but it does not do anything:
jQuery( document ).ready(function() {
    jQuery("span.cmsms_theme_icon_desktop").each(function() {
        var thisColour = jQuery(this).css('backgroundColor');
        jQuery(this).closest("div.cmsms_slider_post_cont_wrap header, div.cmsms_slider_post_cont_wrap footer").css( "background-color", thisColour );

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thanks in advance
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Julian HansenCommented:
You nearly had it - two things where you went wrong

1. Your use of closest was incorrect. Closest is used to find the closest matching item moving up the hierarchy.

2. You used background-color for your css selector instead of backgrounColor.

This should work for you
jQuery(function() {
  jQuery('span.cmsms_post_format_img').each(function() {
    var thisColour = jQuery(this).css('backgroundColor');

    // get the closest common parent
    var parent = jQuery(this).closest("div.cmsms_slider_post_cont");

    // Set the background colour using backgroundColor
    // by finding all header and footer elements that are contained within
    // the parent
    jQuery('header, footer', parent).css( "backgroundColor", thisColour );

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badwolfffAuthor Commented:
Ahhhhh! Clever! Great job. You won't believe how close I was as I nearly came to the conclusion myself that closest was looking in the wrong direction! Well we learn something every day... thanks
Julian HansenCommented:
You are welcome.
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