FileMaker 13 Server visible to client machines but no database files listed


I have installed FileMaker Server 13 on Windows Server 2012.  All tests were successful.  I placed our database file in the default database folder and started FM Server.  The file shows it is in the Normal state.  

When I try to access the file from any of the client workstations, I can see the host but it is not listing the file.  I have tried connecting directly to the file by entering fmnet:/hostip/filename but that didn't work either.


Garry WilmethOwnerAsked:
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Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.Commented:
There are several potential causes of this issue but I always start with the following questions:

I would start with reading the following FileMaker Knowledgebase article on this issue. The most common cause of this problem is Bonjour not being installed or being outdated. Try first uninstalling Bonjour and then reinstalling. Or, uninstall Bonjour AND FileMaker Server. Restart and then re-install FM Server which will include installation of Bonjour.

Other questions to ask?

1. Open FileMaker Pro on the Server machine itself (you may have to install it). Go to File > Open Remote....  Can you see the server (presumably yes) can you see the FM Server Sample file? Can you see your own files?

2. On another machine, can you see the "FM Server Sample" file? Can you see your own files?

3. Is the Windows Firewall off, at least for testing purposes? If it's on you need to have Port 5003 listed as an exception.

4. Did you allow Java to update to a more recent version that what is installed with FileMaker Server (always turn off automatic Java updates).

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Garry WilmethOwnerAuthor Commented:
I installed FM on the server and I can see the sample file and our database file.  They both open just fine.  Perhaps it's a permission issue?  I am using the default FM Server database location.  I am logged in to the server as administrator and can see the files OK.  Should I use an alternate location for the database files and share with pertinent user groups for the domain?
Garry WilmethOwnerAuthor Commented:
It looks like it was a firewall issue.  I turned off the firewall on the server for testing and all databases were visible.  I created a new rule for port 5003 and all is good.  Thank you!
Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.Commented:
In general, the default location is best. If you use an alternate location just make sure you document it well for those who may come after. I've seen users delete there databases because they didn't realize where they were located or running from. And make sure you have gone into the "Schedules" area are at minimum turned on the default Backup schedules. You can create additional backup schedules to multiple locations but all drives must be local. You cannot set a backup schedule to a Network drive. Instead, use an additional HD or external HD and then have third-party software or Carbonite backup the backups.
Garry WilmethOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much Will.  I appreciate all of the help!
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