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fault tolerance between Cisco

Hi Experts,

Does anyone have a solution on how to create a fault tolerance between two cisco wireless controllers. I have two in production and i want to make sure they can backup each other in case of an issue.

Thank you.
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Ken Boone
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So if you want them to back each other up, you can look at this doc.  This is an older doc but it explains the process.

Basically you configure the AP with a primary and secondary controller.  This way if it can't connect the primary it will attempt to connect to the secondary.  Now the key here is that if you have say 50 APs on each controller and you want them to handle the load if the other one dies, you need to make sure each controller is licensed for 100 APs.

Here is a much more recent document to look at as well on backup controllers:
Ken's solution is spot on, however you could configure them in HA SSO mode too if you want a truly seamless redundant setup.
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smart Z


The configuration of primary and secondary controller is already completed and the licenses are uploaded on both the controllers. 50 license on each controller.

I am looking to implement the HA SSO mode. CAn you please assist.

The 2 controllers are very far from each other in different buildings but I do have a fiber running accross. I just need some documentation to read and understand it.

Thank you.
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Craig Beck
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