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Global address list not updating

I am the administrator of a Small Business Server 2008 domain with 50 computers running as clients on a remote desktop service server.
All clients run Office 2010 with Outlook 2010.

My problem is that the GAL within Outlook is not automatically updated.
Then I asked my users to do a manuel update from Outlook from FILES -> ACCOUNT SETTINGS -> UPDATE GLOBAL ADDRESS LIST.
Apparently this caused Outlook to delite the list of cached email adresses??

Therefore this is really 2 questions:

1) Why does the GAL not updating?
2) Why does a manuel update delete cached passwords?

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Simon Butler (Sembee)

8/22/2022 - Mon
Simon Butler (Sembee)

You are not talking about the GAL. You are talking about the OAB. While they can seem the same, they are not.

If you login to OWA you will see the GAL - that uses live information. Therefore the first thing you need to do is check whether changes to user accounts are seen through OWA. If they are, then the problem is with the OAB distribution.

Is the server fully up to date?
Any errors in the event viewer about OAB generation? Run the SBS BPA and Exchange BPA (in the toolbox in EMC) to ensure that no errors come up.

Choosing the option to Download the Address book should have had no effect on the nickname files. I have never seen the entries lost by doing what you posted. Therefore that must have been caused by something else.

Marwan Osman

uncheck the use cache exchange mode in the account settings and try.
Tony Giangreco

I have the same problem in Exchange 2007. When I added or deleted mailboxes, the updates were found in All Users.
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William Peck
Simon Butler (Sembee)

"uncheck the use cache exchange mode in the account settings and try. "

That isn't really a fix.
That just stops the client from using the OAB. The live GAL rarely has a problem.

All Users is the live information, therefore if you aren't seeing the information elsewhere, then the OAB isn't updating correctly. You shouldn't need to go near All Users at all.

Marwan Osman

Simon Butler (Sembee)

you are right 100%, thank you.
Md. Mojahid

Try this

1. Open the Exchange Management Console.
2. Go to Organization Configuration, and then click Mailbox.
3. Right click the appropriate database and go to Properties
4. Click on the Client Settings tab, do you have an OAB set?
5. If no click Browse and select the correct OAB and Ok and Ok
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Will Szymkowski

You may want to check your EWS (Exchange Web Services) to ensure that is it properly configured as you are using Web Distribution for Outlook 2010. You may also want to change the Distribution Server to another CAS server in your environment if you have one, which would be a good test to see if there is something wrong with the current one being used.


Honored colleagues.

This is getting more and more strange.

First of all I dont see any entries in the ewent viewer what so ever regarding any issues related to OAB or a like.

I just ran BPA which only commant was, that incomming/outgoing message size is too high.

If I access OWA and press the to-buttom it shows me a VERY outdated address book only showing 1/3 of the current users.

If I access Outlook 2010 I see the full internal address list (GAL??) except that this is not updated and missing newly created users.

"Huston we have a problem" :-)
Simon Butler (Sembee)

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