Replace Windows 8 with Windows 7 on ASUS G550JK Laptop


I am wanting to replace MS Windows 8 with MS Windows 7 on my ASUS laptop but I am uncertain if I can do so or not.

The machine is a ASUS G550JK-CN154H 64-Bit Windows 8 Professional.

I did not get any discs with the machine and the only recovery method I can find is through an inbuilt ASUS recovery software tool that does not allow for changing Windows Edition.

Can I get away with doing this AND, if I can, how would I go about getting all the drivers (motherboard, graphics, networking etc...) and so forth after the downgrade?

Thanks: Lai
Laila JacksonAsked:
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Ankit PareekOnline MarketingCommented:
Hey you can easily do that if once you use Windows 7 that its not possible to go with windows 8 current version. Another things is that if you want to install windows 7 on windows 8 its also not possible because to using downgrade verison on upgraded version is also not possible.
If you go for windows 7 then easily do this and all driver can easily available at Asus website first check all driver and then go for MS Win 7
Yes, you can downgrade your laptop to win 7, but first you need to get win 7 OS cd then you have two option. you can either install another copy of os to your laptop or re-format your laptop and do clean installation
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The other thing you can do is make Windows 8.1 work like Windows 7. This is easy and a lot less work.

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First make sure you have made the recovery media for your current OS. That is normally done via the control panel, "Recovery", "Make Recovery Drive", and in the next windows make sure you have enabled "copy the recovery partition to the recovery drive". You will need a USB stick that is slightly larger than the size of your recovery partition. Once that is done, lock the stick away in a safe place. This will be needed to do a factory restore should the disk die, and / or if you want to sell the PC again a later.

After that check on the website of your PC manufacturer whether there are drivers available for Windows 7 for that PC model. Download them and have them ready. Also make sure you have the Original activation key for Windows 8. Masquerade's Article below explains how you can extract it. Since Windows 8.x PRo, Pre-installed comes with free upgrade rights to Windows 7 Pro, you will need this key to get an activation key for the upgrade. Then install Windows 7 Pro, and when done, call M$ Licensing to get the OS activated.
Laila JacksonAuthor Commented:
Hi guys,

Thanks for all the impressive feedback.

For what its worth, I don't care much about the time it will take me to install Win 7, I just want Windows 8.1 gone completely.

I've got the 7 OS and a existing recovery image with license key already so will start with Rindi's suggestion about checking the ASUS website to make sure they have all the drivers available.

Will revert back to this post before closing.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I just want Windows 8.1 gone completely.  <-- Why?  It works fine and my machine is just like Windows 7. What do you accomplish?
Laila JacksonAuthor Commented:
Just checked out the ASUS website for my model G550JK and found that there are no driver downloads for Win 7, only Win 8.

Where to from here? Am I stuck with this now or is there another way?
You can still start the installation. Maybe you don't need extra drivers and Windows 7 will just work. To be on the safe side I'd recommend doing the installation to another HD (just replace the disk). If everything runs fine after the installation there should be no problems.

Sometimes the driver packages for Windows 8.x also include Windows 7 drivers. So I'd just download the Windows 8 drivers and try installing them on Windows 7.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Some consumer computers are built to only use one operating system. It appears that is what you have here (and why it did not come with downgrade rights).

Adapt what you have to what you want and move on. It all works.
Laila JacksonAuthor Commented:
Very disappointing John... I was really hoping I could get a clean Win 7 only laptop back.

If that's the case then I will simply do a clean install and perform the adjustments in your article (I quite like the EMET discussion as well.. have never seen it before!) to forge the Win 7 experience that I prefer.

Thanks guys.
I've just downloaded the chipset driver package (that is always the most important driver, and it may be needed for installation to get the disk recognized by the OS when you get to the place where you select where you want it installed on), and there is a Win7 folder in the zip file. So it looks as if the Win8.x drivers will also support Windows 7.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@Laila Jackson - Thanks. EMET is a nice overall protection tool. I am using V5.2 right now.
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