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I'm new to IIS an please forgive me for an easy question.

I have test server and hosting few sites on it. I need to allow two client machines to access my new test site on the server.

test site is accessbile by site's IP address and port number specified. ( 10.x.x.x:2040)

I need to allow this site to be accessed by a friendly name ( which in that case I though host header would be good idea) So added a Hostname in the IIS from site bindings and called it testsite with the same IP and port number

my question is regading host file entry. do I need to add this new entry to server's host file? or need to add it to client machines' host file?

Please advise How I can ensure that my test site is accessbile by two client machines using the host name in IIs.

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MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
First you add a host entry in one PC and access by name. If it is working you should add an A record in your DNS server to access by name. Host entry will be difficult for you as you need to do on all PCs.

To make sure your site is working browse the site from IIS from server
Right click Default website-->Manage website-->Browse
kuzumAuthor Commented:
site is only accessbile on the local server when I do "browse 10.x.x.x:2040"  This is the IP for the local server and this IP has a A record in DNS for the server

can you please let me know exactly what host entry im adding in my host file on the client machines?
kuzumAuthor Commented:
do I also change anyhing on the server host files? thanks
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kuzumAuthor Commented:
sorry for all the questions in separete windows. Do I also have to have "www" in my host header or can I simple call it "test"

im using windows 2012 server as my IIS server. thanks
kuzumAuthor Commented:

DO you need more information or am I confusining anyone?
kuzumAuthor Commented:
here is what I did so far

on the server added below header name test.mydomain.com and IP is set to 10.x.x.22 port: 2040

on my laptop added below host entry: 10.x.x.22 test.mydomain.com

I can ping from my laptop to "test.mydomain,com" and I can get reply back from site ip which is my server's IP.

on the lIS server I clickedon "browse test.mydomain:2040 (http)" but it comes up as this page cannot be displayed

Only think I did not is IIS restart which I will do in few hours time. Can you please confirm where I'm going wrong ?>
kuzumAuthor Commented:
I need to sort this out asap. Can any one avaiable to answer this post please? much appriciated
Emmanuel AdebayoGlobal Windows Infrastructure Engineer - ConsultantCommented:
You will not be able to browse to test.mydomain.com the server.

 You will need to add 10.x.x.22 test.mydomain.com to the host files on the server as well.

 It's only when you set up the A record in your dns, then you will be able to access test.mydomain.com anywhere on your network.


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