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Outlook certificate problems

Hi Experts,

since tonight I have problems in outlook 2010 with a certificate.
can you help me to repair this cert issue ?
The server in the backend is an EXCH2007 cluster.

The error message is in german and not in english, sorry for that.
I try to translate is....

Error: the name of the certificate is not valid or the name is different from the website.

Can you help me out to solve this issue ?
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I tried to change the service with this cmd

Enable-ExchangeCertificate -Services IMAP, IIS, SMTP -thumbprint

But the services are not changed.
The command seems to be ok, no error message.
But when I check again get-exchangecertificate |fl nothing changed.

On my service I have enabled SMTP and IIS but how to delete one entry ?
I checked your article.
Each output is ok.

I want to change some services on the certificate.
The command is ok but no service changed.
Do you know why ?
here is a screenshot....User generated image
The above screenshot is a clear case of certificate name/URL mismatch. If you follow my article your error will get cleared
If yes please check below
Type "Get-ExchangeCertificate" and check the thumbprint
Type this command to enable services on the correct certificate

Enable-ExchangeCertificate -Thumbprint 49D53353A1FBDE31C34604A8EF52FC9BABA187C8 -Services IIS,SMTP,IMAP

Open in new window

Yes I followed your article.
OWA is working
on my certificate are 2 services enabled

Services           : IMAP, POP, SMTP

But still getting the pop up when opening Outlook.
You should enable IIS on the 3rd party certificate using the above command which explained in my article
OK, I have enabled IIS on the certificate.
Nothing changed.

Strange is , when I enable IIS on one cert, on the other it is removed.
Can you explain this behavoir ?
When I add IIS on the first cert, then on the second cert IIS is removed and owa stopped working, why ?
I have two HUB servers, do I have to do this on both ?
please help me out with this cert djungle...maybe we can check this from the beginning, step by step.
-->I have two HUB servers, do I have to do this on both ?
yes you have to do this on both

I have two certs:

mail.domain.local -> this email has the bindings SMTP,POP -> this email has the bindings SMTP,IMAP,IIS

With this setting I have the error which you can see in the picture.
When I add IIS to mail.domain.local then OWA stopped working, because IIS is moved to the other cert

Is it possible to delete one of the SMTP bindings on these certs ?
I tried the command enable-exchangecertificate....... but nothing changed.
And I found out, in my certificates, no autodiscover SAN is inside.
Do I need this link inside my certs ?
If yes how to change this or add more SANs ?
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Great Job man.