I have a table called CC_CLAIM and a config table.  ID is the key column and the other column names are prefixed with V5_ & A5_

The V5 columns are filled with values but A5 columns are left blank so we need to update only A5 columns.

Table Name - CC_CLAIM:


Config table:
Table_Name  Column_Name      Lookup_Table           Lookup_Column
CC_CLAIM       A5_CODE                CCTL_LOBCODE       TL_ID
CC_CLAIM       A5_STATE               CCTL_LOBSTATE       TL_ID
CC_CLAIM      A5_CLAIM               CCTL_CLAIMPART      TL_ID

The requirement is for each row in the CC_CLAIM table,
-- select the V5 column value (e.g: V5_CODE = 10001, which is already populated in table)
-- find the appropriate lookup table & lookup column in the config table (see bottom) for A5 column (A5_CODE, CCTL_LOBCODE, TL_ID)
-- find the value in lookup table using the known V5_CODE value, lookup_column (select TL_ID from CCTL_LOBCODE where ID = 10001)
-- update the result in CC_CLAIM table (update set A5_CODE = <result from above> WHERE ID = 111)

This has to be repeated for all the rows in CC_CLAIM table.

Please can you help me in writing script for this.
Subhashini ElangoAsked:
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johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
I'm not sure I fully understand what you are trying to do.  However, this looks pretty close to what you are asking for (at least to me):
UPDATE cc_claim a 
SET    a5_code = (SELECT tl_id 
                  FROM   cctl_lobcode b 
                  WHERE  a.v5_code = b.id), 
       a5_claimid = (SELECT tl_id 
                     FROM   cctl_lobstate c 
                     WHERE  a.v5_claim_id = c.id), 
       a5_state = (SELECT tl_id 
                   FROM   cctl_claimpart d 
                   WHERE  a.v5_state = c.id) 
WHERE  a.a5_code IS NULL; 

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Subhashini ElangoAuthor Commented:
Hi Johnson,

Many thanks for the reply.

I think I was not clear in my question so I will explain bit further.

Your update statement is absolutely correct but I want to find the name of the lookup_table & lookup_column for each & every A5 column in a row and then update.

This means,

-- Select the V5 column value (e.g: V5_CODE = 10001, which is already populated in table and known to us)

-- Go the config table and find the appropriate lookup table & lookup column for each A5 column (For A5_CODE the lookup table is CCTL_LOBCODE and lookup_column is TL_ID and note that lookup table is differ for each column)

 -- Once the lookup table is identified, find the value using the lookup_column (select TL_ID from CCTL_LOBCODE where ID = 10001)

 -- Now update the result in CC_CLAIM table with the above result (update set A5_CODE = TL_ID WHERE ID = 111)

There are various other tables so I would need all the above steps to be dynamic.

Appreciate your time, Thanks.
johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
Assuming that your config table looks like this:
CREATE TABLE config_table 
     table_name    VARCHAR2(50), 
     column_name   VARCHAR2(50), 
     lookup_table  VARCHAR2(50), 
     lookup_column VARCHAR2(50) 

INSERT INTO config_table 

INSERT INTO config_table 

INSERT INTO config_table 


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Then this query would build the update statements:
SELECT 'update ' 
       || table_name 
       || ' a set ' 
       || column_name 
       || ' = (select ' 
       || lookup_column 
       || ' from ' 
       || lookup_table 
       || ' b  where a.v' 
       || Substr(column_name, 2) 
       || ' = b.id);' 
FROM   config_table; 

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There are a multitude of ways that you can run this.  Two of the most popular that I see are:
Spool the statements to a file and run the file
PL/SQL block (or stored procedure) that selects the statements and runs them with EXECUTE IMMEDIATE

Just be aware this is a very inefficient way to do what you are asking.
johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
Sorry, the update statements generated by that select would be:
update CC_CLAIM a set A5_CODE = (select TL_ID from CCTL_LOBCODE b where a.v5_CODE = b.id);
update CC_CLAIM a set A5_STATE = (select TL_ID from CCTL_LOBSTATE b where a.v5_STATE = b.id);
update CC_CLAIM a set A5_CLAIM = (select TL_ID from CCTL_CLAIMPART b where a.v5_CLAIM = b.id);

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