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Backup internet line for business - best practice

We use Exponential E for our main fibre internet connection and have a BT ADSL for our backup.

We are looking upgrading to a hosted phone system and seriously upgrading our internet to a gigabit bearer.

We need good business continuity so want to ensure our backup line is reliable in case the primary goes down.

I have been offered a package by Expo which includes two gigabit bearers on divergent routes, one using BT the other on Virgin. With an active-passive setup which brings the costs down quite considerably.

My question is this. Would this still be a single point of failure with Expo or would i be better off using another supplier entirely for my backup line?

I like the idea of having both lines being managed by one company for convenience and their reliability so far has been rock solid.
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We have a Sonicwall firewall that has the ability to failover automatically.  

Expo can also supply a switch that will do a similar job.  

I'm also trying to ensure I have a degree of automation without adding too much complexity.
Just keep in mind that you need to analyze every scenario for full resiliency.

Do you have your firewalls in HA pairs?
Have you tested your fail over process?

Typical best practice is to have at least two diverse options and tested thoroughly to ensure business continuity.
Firewalls are HA pairs - active passive.  We have tested with our existing providers.
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