Cisco Call Manager admin call forwarding so that another voicemail box get the message

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In Cisco Call Manager 10.5 I am looking to forward all calls including the possibly resultant voicemail to another mailbox.  The call forwarding is not an issue but I cannot seem to get the voicemail to end up in the intended user's voicemail box.

What I would like to have is for all calls to number A to forward to number B.  If noone answers at number B, I would like for the voicemail to be left for number B not for number A, which doesn't seem to be possible as far as I can tell.  Hopefully someone can educate me on how to do this.  Thanks!
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without building it to test, I think you need to make the change in Unity, I think what you are looking for is Call Management / Call Routing.  I had to muddle with this in the past to get unity to behave as you would logically think.
OK, the question is: do you want this behavior to affect 100% of the redirected calls? Because we are talking about a Unity Connection parameter that changes whether the message is left in the last redirecting number or on the first redirecting number. This is covered here:

Hope that helps
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Bryant, The Call routing as far as direct routing rules and forwarded routing rules didn't seem to allow voicemail to go through but did forward once it go to voicemail instead.  Not really want I was looking for.

willy, this is what I was looking for and I guess it seems like an all or nothing setting which is unfortunate.  I would like to be able to forward the voicemail from an employee who left the company to another employee when their number is called but apparently that isn't possible.

I guess I will leave this open for another day or so if anyone has any other ideas then close it since it doesn't seem possible...What else would either of you suggest in the previous example of what I am trying to do?
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let me test it, I thought I had done this before, so I will have to search our system and see if I can find it.
You may also want to configure a Hunt Pilot, and include Phone B as the only line group member. So, calls to Phone A are diverted to the hunt pilot number, Phone B rings for the amount of time configured in the Maximum Hunt Timer value of the Hunt Pilot, if no answer, then the calls is diverted as per the "Forward Unanswered Calls to" Destination in the Hunt Pilot, which is the Voice Mail pilot. This way, we are diverting to Unity with a number we can control: the Hunt Pilot number.

Now in Unity, create a Direct Routing Rule like the one shown below:
Note the action triggered here: Send calls to user mailbox Gerson_7945, this is where you configure Phone B's mailbox.

Then in the routing rules condition it says that if the Forwarding station Equals  565656 which is the hunt pilot, then this routing rule matches, so we'll get connected to the desired user mailbox.
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Is a hunt pilot the same as a hunt group or is it some other nomenclature I am not familiar with?
A Hunt Pilot is the entry point, basically a number to dial, and a collection of settings to make Callmanager behave as you want it to.

A Hunt Pilot is associated to a Hunt List, which is a collection or list of Line Groups, and Callmanager uses this list to ring devices in a certain order.

A Line Group is a bunch of Directory Numbers that  ring all at once or one by one depending on the algorithm selected.

So the 3 compose a configuration hierarchy and work together.
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Thanks for your help.  We decided this was unnecessary and decided not to implement but with your description I should have been able to.  Thanks.

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