visio basics question - I want to use it to show where plants are in my yard

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I've been using visio to document where we are putting plants in our yard, the type of plant, when we bought it, etc.

but it's just relative positions - I took a visio page and started putting plant icons on it.

I want to make it more accurate, with a scale 1" = x', etc.  but don't know how to do that.

How to draw a box that is x' x y', put a bush x' from this edge, etc.

any beginner advice?

It's a bit OCD / compulsive, but figure it'll help me learn visio for real work : )
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You're right about your request being slightly OCD -- but that's what Visio is all about! And you're also correct that what you learn by doing this for home may very well be useful for work. (As an aside, I've designed seating charts for theater events; my daughter made a couple of quilts she designed in Visio... there are lots of creative ways to use the software.)

The key to doing what you want is to start with a different template. Select FIle>New, then click the Maps and Floor Plans template category. Once there you'll find a template called Home Plan. The drawing that results is what is referred to as a scaled drawing -- it has exactly the properties you asked about. You'll notice that the dimensions on the rulers are roughly 100 feet by 150 feet (or the metric equivalent if you're using the metric template). Shapes that you drop on the page are proportionally sized to fit the scale of the diagram.

There's even a stencil titled Garden Accessories!

For some additional tips, you might watch video #24 in the The MVP Sessions. Three of us made these videos for Visio 2010, however, the majority of material (including the information on scaled drawings) is still relevant for Visio 2013.

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