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Hi, my Dell desktop that is 3 yrs old crashed several weeks ago, and replaced HD reinstalled everything and is still having errors.  I want to replace, it seems my Dell bias is of poor judgement.

Can one of you experts recommend an adequate desktop for primarily business purposes?  

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Kyle SantosQuality AssuranceCommented:
I frequent Newegg for computer purchases.

Generally, an Intel core i5 processor, 8gb memory, and 500gb to 1 tb hard drive with a simple integrated graphics card will suffice for business needs.

If you need heavier duty performance I can recommend that as well.

Let me know!

TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerCommented:
Good pc and price
Dell Optiplex 7020
simonesbauerAuthor Commented:
I have a Dell now and have had Dell's over the last 15 years, they are crashing much more often then my husband's 7 year old Toshiba laptop.  

I will not buy another Dell.
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Kyle SantosQuality AssuranceCommented:
What programs are you using regularly for business?
simonesbauerAuthor Commented:
Office 365, nuance power pdf,
Kyle SantosQuality AssuranceCommented:
Personally, I've had problems with Dell laptops, but I have a Dell business machine for what I do and it runs just fine.
Intel Core i5 (3.20ghz)
8.00 gb installed memory
Intel graphics
500 gb hard drive.

I have used HP, ASUS, Toshiba, Samsung computers in the past and all are about just as reliable as the next.  To me its just a name on a computer and what matters most are the parts inside.  As mentioned before, I would still recommend finding a computer based on what I stated in the beginning.  This will cover your basic business needs in my opinion.
Dell, HP and Lenovo all make very solid business-grade PCs.

Dell Optiplex
Lenovo Thinkcentre
HP Pro and Z-series workstations

Most manufacturers have a "cheap" product line, and a "good" product line. And it's hard to effectively assess a manufacturer's product when your sample size is a small handful of computers purchased over a 15 year period. The entire industry flipped on it's head twice in that timespan, and it's very easy for you to experience a problem that isn't representative of the entire product line, much less the entire manufacturer.

So while it's tempting to be swayed by your own personal experience, you're limiting yourself unnecessarily. It's better to put that aside look at the product line as a whole.

Dell's "Inspiron" series is awful, it's Dell's cheap home-use computer lineup. Time and time again I see these computers fail, both cosmetically and in hardware. The Dell Optiplex and Latitude series on the other hand is excellent, save for a couple of bum years where they made some design mistakes.

Lenovo's "Ideapad" and "Edge" series of laptops are similarly awful. They're also home-use budget computers. The Thinkpad and Thinkcentre lineup is fantastic, though. Again, except a couple jof years where Lenovo did something wacky like the awful touchpads on the 2014 Thinkpad T440/540 series laptops.

HP's "Pavilion" series of laptops and desktops are flaky pieces of junk. Again, it's their home-use budget lineup, and it's plagued with problems like overheating and motherboard failure. On the other hand, the Elitebook laptops and the Pro and Z-series workstations are rock solid.

So really it all depends on what product line you get. And a bit of luck. It's not so much the manufacturer.

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If you do not need video editing or gaming, then any recently released "brand name" desktop will have ample specs. for general business use.
Find one that appeals to your budget, size (case size & HDD storage space) , aesthetic taste and also consider your future PC use may exceed your present PC use...

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simonesbauerAuthor Commented:
Awesome, Thanks!
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