Python PySerial development tools

I am building a small tool that will be enable to parse data that should be sent to a printer (coming from serial port), a sort of virtual printer.

Are there any kind of dev tools that will allow me to prepare my enviroment for testing and analysis without having a physical printer to do the tests?

I'd need something like a virtual printer connected to a serial port so I can listen to that port with python and see data coming...
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Several tools which could be target of your interest exist:

1) Serial printer emulation can be realized by PrintCapture software. (30 days triall version exists)

2) You may also use SerialMon software which allows to monitor serial communication on your PC. This software could help before your Python tool is ready for use.

I am sure you'll find more such tools.
ltpittAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your kind suggestion, @pcelba.

The problem is that I'd not need something that capture serial data but rather produces it without having real hardware (so I can develop my script without using a real printer).

That is what I tried to ask in the question :)
Hmmm. You've been asking to "prepare my enviroment for testing and analysis without having a physical printer" in your question. BUT you are asking for "software or tool producing serial port data" now. That's a big difference.

The physical printer does not generate data for printing. You don't need it at all. You should rather write a short code which will send data to the serial port. You can do it in whatever language which supports COM ports opening/access, e.g. in Visual Basic or even in Python's pySerial.

PrintCapture software can work as the serial printer.  You'll define the COM port on one computer and use it for printing. Then you'll connect another computer having the PrintCapture software running and receiving all the serial communication from the first PC.

Instead of the true serial communication you may create virtual serial port and send the data elsewhere (USB, network, etc.). You may read more e.g. here. You don't need another computer in such case.

If you would need to know responses from specific serial printer then you have to contact the printer vendor for details and write the appropriate code yourself.

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