What's the best way to display a dozen data in asp.net?

Hi, I'm using asp.net in vs2013
I have a dozen of data retrieve from a service call that is in the type of the service call custom variable type.   What would be the best/efficient  way to display this data with the data column name?

1.  Do I put data in a dataset then bind to a dataview control?
2.  Do I create a html table and add one row at a time from C# code behind?
3.  Any other suggestions?

Thank you.
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Ioannis ParaskevopoulosCommented:
This is very broad question given the supplied information. For instance do you call the webservice from the client or from the server? Is this an MVC or a Web Forms project.

A nice approach would be to using datatables.js which supports both a client call to a webservice and data directly to the DOM (in case you retrieve your data through the server.

If you are using MVC, you may utilice Grid.Mvc.

If you would need further help then you would need to provide more info, as what exactly is your project (Forms or MVC) and give some code.

lapuccaAuthor Commented:
I didn't put MVC so I thought it's obvious that this is a ASP.net project, web form only.  Also, i'm asking about asp.net server controls question so that should eliminate the MVC question.
This is not a web service call question.  I got the data returned from the web service but it's in it's own format called Bundle which I can't attach to any asp.net server control as a data source.  
My question is about what is the best/efficient way in asp.net web form to display data that are properties of a custom class passed in from the web service call.  

Thank you.
Johny BravoCommented:
You can use ListView/ GridView to display the data.
If the data is too large, you can use server side paging.

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lapuccaAuthor Commented:
Actually, you didn't quite answer my 3 questions.  Can you answer the 3 questions I have?
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