Render internet explorer 6 as IE11 using either Firefox or Chrome

Hi All

I have an legacy application which runs on Internet Explorer(IE) 6. Our company runs has Office 365  in IE11. Some of client machines running this application still run Windows XP therefore can not be upgraded to anything higher than IE8. This comes with limitation that running the legacy application any IE version under IE8 comes with limited functionality in Office 365 were the legacy application will be integrated.. The work around I am looking for is something that will fool the legacy application into thinking that it is being opened in IE11 when opened from an alternative browser such as Firefox/Chrome. Converting one version of IE for other Windows operating systems is not a problem as we have a Browsium solution which handle this. What I want is to run IE inside Chrome/Firefox or some ideas if it possible to write a custom scripts in Java which will interrogate browsers and force to run in IE 11 if it is alternative browser.
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Interesting concept. I'd like to see what the experts suggest.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I am monitoring. I do not think you can do what you want. XP is dead and gone and more and more applications no long support XP.
iCandoall --
"What I want is to run IE inside Chrome/Firefox "
You can always run two browsers at once.  Just run Chrome/Firefox in one or more tabs and IE in other tabs.

Applications usually do not care what version of IE is being used.  Rather applications run in Windows.  You can change that by clicking the executable for the Application|Properties and on the Compatibility tab run the application in several different versions of Windows .

If this application is on the web and you need an old version of IE to download it, click IE Tools|Compatibility View Settings and Add the web address (URL).  Did you know that Compatibility View runs IE in IE7 mode?
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iCandoallAuthor Commented:
Thanks to you all for your comments. jcimarron, let me find out exactly from our developers( I am a solutions architect - sharepoint) which platform this legacy application is running on. Thing is - its an old application built - around 2000 - company won't decommission it yet. The problem is that it is being integrated in Office 365 - (SharePoint) therefore when opened from there fails for all users using windows XP - there is no issue for client machines on Windows 7/8.1 because browsium handles the browser conversion. Due to limited functionality of for IE versions lower than 8, in SharePoint 2010, thats the reason we looking at the option of opening app in other browsers.

"What I want is to run IE inside Chrome/Firefox "
You can always run two browsers at once.  Just run Chrome/Firefox in one or more tabs and IE in other tabs.
We are trying to open the legacy application  in IE6 inside alternative browsers so that is opened in IE11 when launched from SharePoint. The application can only be launched from IE.
William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
If you wanted to get real slick you could setup a virtual server running Server 2003 with IE6 on it then let people RDP into that to run the legacy app.

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Are you sure it does not run in IE7?  See my last post, last paragraph.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
The work around I am looking for is something that will fool the legacy application into thinking that it is being opened in IE11 when opened from an alternative browser such as Firefox/Chrome every browser sends a user-agent which tells the server/web application what its capabilities are. You cannot convert firefox to IE nor chrome to IE. like you cannot convert a Mercedes into an Audi or an Audi into a Porsche.  The company should bite the bullet and update the application. They are just being penny wise and pound foolish. Would they run a 15 year old server? Give them a 15 year old laptop and see how quickly they reject it. Software changes at even a faster pace than hardware.

O365 Sharepoint is Sharepoint 2013 not 2010.
iCandoallAuthor Commented:
Hi All

Apologies for taking time to respond to your expert comments. I have taken on board all comments shared here. In the end the recommendations made were:-
Do nothing - continue to run the application using XP wait for application to grind to halt and then upgrade - this is a cheaper option short term but very costly long term;

Option 2
Upgrade to latest office operating system to keep in sync with SharePoint functionality - this option was not accepted because of immediate cost implications that come with it.

Option 3
The accepted solution was the Remote Desktop solution to a Windows 7 VM that users on XP machines will access the application from to be able to access the full functionality of SharePoint. On that basis I have accepted Williams solution as the most viable solution, in terms of cost, future proofing and longevity.

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions.
iCandoallAuthor Commented:
This was the closest solution to what I recommended to be implemented.
Thanks for telling us what worked.
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