Excel Vlookup

I am using Vlookup to lookup text in a text string in Column 1 on Workbook 1 against column 2 in Workbook 2 I want to return the contents of column 1 in Workbook 2, if there is a match.  Sometimes this works perfect, but the majority of the time, it doesn't what am I doing wrong.  The format is general.

Because of company policy I cannot attach the file, but if I can talk to someone that would be great, however, if the expert can give me a way to communicate with them, that would be great.

Version 2013

Example of Text Strings:

(Redacted for personal information)

Everything is formatted as General

Vlookup String (=VLOOKUP(A2,BA!$A$1:$B$36,2))
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Wayne Taylor (webtubbs)Commented:
The only approved method for communicating in this forum is via the comments posted to this question.

While I understand company policy prevents you from posting the actual workbook you are working on, and version with any confidential information removed would greatly assist us in providing you with a formula.

However, looking at your formula, you are omitting the 4th parameter which specifies whether to look for exact matches. Perhaps try adding FALSE or 0 and see how it goes...

    =VLOOKUP(A2, BA!$A$1:$B$36, 2, 0)

dphine00Author Commented:
Hi Wayne, I have added the 0, and False, and I am getting the same results.  Let me save a version that I can share.
dphine00Author Commented:
I have added the file
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Wayne Taylor (webtubbs)Commented:
Ahh, VLOOKUP works best when it knows what it's looking for. Because the "alias" isn't always at the start, it won't work.

If the alias is always 4 characters long and is always at the start of the "Short Text", you could use this....

    =VLOOKUP(LEFT(A2, 4),BA!$A$1:$B$36,2,FALSE)

If you are unable to ensure the alias is always at the start, you will likely need a VBA solution, such as this...

Sub findname()

    Dim cell As Range, cell2 As Range
    For Each cell In Range([B2], [A2].End(xlDown).Offset(0, 1))
        With Worksheets("BA")
            For Each cell2 In .Range(.[A2], .[A2].End(xlDown))
                If InStr(cell.Offset(0, -1), cell2) Then
                    cell = cell2.Offset(0, 1)
                End If
        End With
End Sub

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dphine00Author Commented:
Thanks Wayne, I will most likely have to use the VBA solution.  I will accept this, then I will have to delete the question, since I left data in the original question that I should not have.  Thank you.
dphine00Author Commented:
It worked.
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