Sending Emails as a non root user using mailx command in Linux failed.

While sending Emails using mailx with a  non root user below error occurred. Default MTA used is ssmtp

[test@myhost ~]$ echo "something" | mailx -s "subject"
temporary mail file: Permission denied

But from root I was able to send a test mail. Please help
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Your issue is a permission/configuration issue dealing with the editor VISUAL/EDITOR and the location where it tries to store the messages prior to transmission /tmp /var/tmp

If this is to be used in a script, creating the message and sending it through the commonly available /usr/sbin/sendmail
GulfITAuthor Commented:
Thanks Arnold, I am just trying to send mails from a non root user, need to know the path of the temporary  email file so that I can give permission for non root users as well. Please advise .
Try using mail instead of mailx. Mailx is a graphical versus mail which is not.
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GulfITAuthor Commented:
Thanks .same error

[user@gfcsrv ~]$  mail -s "subject"
temporary mail file: Permission denied

Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
Do you have a mail group? Maybe the user isn't in the mail group?
echo $EDITOR
echo $VISUAL

Can a regular user write into /tmo  or /var/tmp?

A user must not be added to the mail group as it is unnecessary and .........
GulfITAuthor Commented:
This user is a part of default mail group .
There is absolutely no reason a user needs to be a member of a mail group.
id user
To see to which groups it belongs, remove the mail group, and see if the issue is resolved.
GulfITAuthor Commented:
Removed from mail group and tried , still same permission issue.Is mailx works with a non root user ?
What are the output from the variables?
Can you create a file as the non root user in /tmp?
Try the following as non root

echo "To: recipient
From: sender
Subject: test

" | /usr/sbin/sendmail -oi -t

Does this work?
GulfITAuthor Commented:
I can write into /tmp folder as a non root user. output from the variable is copied. not showing any thing.

[user@gfcfcdb1 ~]$ echo $EDITOR

[user@gfcfcdb1 ~]$ echo $VARIABLE

[user@gfcfcdb1 ~]$


user@gfcfcdb1 ~]$ echo "To: Subject: test Message " | /usr/sbin/sendmail -oi -t
sendmail: RCPT TO:< Subject: test Message> (501 5.1.3 Invalid address)
The entries have to be on individual lines as displayed in the post.
export EDITOR=/bin/vi
And try again.
GulfITAuthor Commented:
Yes , that is working as a non root user. but mailx doesn't.
Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
What distro are you using? Ubuntu/Debian/Redhat/Centos ?
Are you able to create a file with a non-root user in /tmp
ls -l / | grep -i tmp
getfacl /tmp

It looks as though you have the wrong permissions on  /tmp
I.e. it is not group/world readable/writeable.
GulfITAuthor Commented:
Hi Arnold,
  I am able to create files in tmp as a non root user.

Copied the out put of below commands.

[user@gfcfcdb1 ~]$ ls -l / | grep -i tmp
drwxrwxrwx.  27 root root  4096 Jun 24 09:49 tmp
[user@gfcfcdb1 ~]$ getfacl /tmp
getfacl: Removing leading '/' from absolute path names
# file: tmp
# owner: root
# group: root
Look at /etc/mail.rc
It is a peculiar situation,  not sure where the issue begins.

One option is to try the following
Create a message file single line hey is fine. Message.file
strace mailx -s "subject" < Message.file

Look at the output to see where the error occurs meaning what and when it tries to access.

When you run mail as a non root user, what options do you get or does it error out as well?
Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
If it's Redhat or one of its derivatives you could also check this KB

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