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Passing special characters in http get request

Have a webpage that is opened from another system with parameters that can contain extended ascii characters:


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The cshtml webpage reads the parameters as usual with:

var pname = Request["pname"];
and shows it on the page with @pname

Works fine for all browsers except IE (even IE11) when pname=Günther or another name with foreign characters; ü, ø and so on.


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results in G�nther
The webpage is using <meta charset="UTF-8" />

Why does this work in Chrome and Opera but not in IE?
Any solution? I have no control over the submitting system, som the url cannot be encoded before submit.
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Big Monty
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Kanti Prasad

Hi Julian Hansen

Ok Thanks! I will put some notes around before I post any link.

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Thank you Big Monty,
but why isn't this a problem in Opera and Chrome? Only IE?

I can also solve it by using jQuery:

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which returns the correct  string, but I thought it could be solved more easily with another codepage or something.
Because IE is a lot less forgiving than other browsers (older versions at least) because it doesn't always follow the same standards. Once Edge comes out, hopefully all of that goes away.